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Grand Theft Auto VI, or GTA 6 as the internet dubs it, will be the next generation of open-world gaming with cars and other vehicles. Players will be able to do everything from racing to committing crimes and partying online. Well, Rockstar Games dropped the sixth installment’s first trailer yesterday, over 10 years after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Fortunately, the trailer reveals some tantalizing vehicular options, from cars and motorcycles to cigarette boats and helicopters.

What cars can we see in the trailer for GTA 6?

A glimpse at the 90-second trailer reveals automotive diversity. The upcoming game will include airboats, helicopters, cigarette boats, and many, many cars. Targa top performance cars make an early appearance, as well as brightly-liveried donk cars and street-level low riders. On top of that, Rockstar will allow players to ride sport bikes, fly seaplanes, and slog through the mud in monster trucks. 

Fortunately for fans of the current online options, many Grand Theft Auto V cars seem to carry over. Enthusiasts on Reddit have already called out the return of the Cheetah Classic and Bravado Banshee, two performance cars based on the Ferrari Testarossa and Dodge Viper, respectively. What’s more, the city streets reveal the return of the Grotti Carbonizzare and the Pfister Comet S2.

Grand Theft Auto VI has some big vehicular shoes to fill 

While the new trailer showcases the game’s next-level density and aesthetic, it has much to live up to. Grand Theft Auto V has been continuously updating for over a decade now. As a result, players have had the option to collect hundreds of cars and motorcycles over the years. 

It’s not just the variety of street cars, either; when I played GTA Online, you could pilot a rocket-powered flying motorcycle or dive in a James Bond-esque submarine car. GTA 6 will have a tough act to follow. 

Is GTA 6 set in Miami?

Appropriately enough, GTA 6 will host players in Vice City, a fictitious take on Miami, Florida. It’s a vibrant venue for the upcoming game’s high-end cars and flashy style. What’s more, the locale’s seaside posture will lend itself to fun and fast transitions between boats and cars.

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