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Former U.S. President Donald Trump is a person with a unique sense of luxury. A quick glance at Trump Tower confirms that fact. However, a two-wheeled part of Trump’s repertoire takes his gold-plated tastes to another level: Donald Trump’s Orange County Choppers custom motorcycle. However, the controversial celebrity has an issue regarding the hand-built bike: he can’t ride it. 

Donald Trump’s custom motorcycle matches his brash, eccentric presence

Donald Trump’s custom motorcycle is a fitting ride for the former president and his ostentatious tastes. Paul Teutul Sr., famed for his custom builds and dramatic family squabbles on the TV show “Orange County Choppers,” created the bike with Trump in mind.

At a glance, the stretched chopper wears gold-plated parts, from frame to ornate fender features. What’s more, a side cover brandishes “TRUMP” in large block letters akin to his New York towers, albeit not in the same script. Still, the core of the chopper leans on a familiar formula: an air-cooled V-Twin engine. 

The bike was a custom motorcycle project from the folks at Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers built a custom motorcycle for Donald Trump.
Trump’s custom bike | Born Rich

Paul Teutul Sr. was particularly proud of the resplendent ride.  “It’s one of the best pieces that we’ve done at Orange County Choppers.” We’re sure Donald Trump agrees, but it’s not an opinion that others share. After all, Orange County Choppers is famous for a great number of custom motorcycle builds, including military-inspired motorcycles with faux weapon systems and labor-of-love liveries.

Paul Teutul Sr. presented Donald Trump with the custom motorcycle years before he was a U.S. president

Teutul Sr. presented Trump with the custom bike build at Trump Tower in 2012, four years before he was elected president. It’s unclear whether the businessman-turned-POTUS got an opportunity to ride the custom motorcycle. 

Unfortunately for Trump, he probably won’t be doing any riding anytime soon; all living presidents are subject to a “no-driving rule” courtesy of lifetime Secret Service protection. Still, it would look pretty cool in a living room or lounge. Just saying.

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