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Riding a motorcycle is a beloved pastime among fans of Harley-Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, and other iconic marques. However, with all the shapes and sizes of modern motorcycles, it can be tricky to pick the right one for you. Fret not; we assembled a list of some of the best cruiser motorcycles of 2023, like the Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 and Low Rider ST, for you to hit the long road and stick to the scenic route.

The best cruiser motorcycles of 2023 marry power, practicality, and style

A cruiser must be comfortable enough to take on the miles close to home and days away from your own bed. However, for a bike to be one of the best cruiser motorcycles on the market for 2023, it has to be robust, striking, and modular enough to take on long trips and Sunday rides. These are some of the bikes that crush the criteria.

Make and modelStarting price
2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST$22,199
2023 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114$16,599
2023 Indian Chief$14,999
2023 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT$10,399
2023 BMW R 18$14,995

How much does the Low Rider ST cost?

A 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST, a cruiser motorcycle like the Street Bob 114, does its best to corner on a autumn ride.
2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST | Harley-Davidson

The 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST starts at $22,199, $4,000 more than the leaner Low Rider S. However, where the Low Rider S is more canvas than a ready cruiser, the Low Rider ST wears a full, frame-mounted fairing, hiked-up clamshell saddle bags for spirited canyon carving, and a ballistically torquey 117-cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin.

Sure, the ST is on par with Harley-Davidson’s tradition of high-dollar cruisers. Still, its California Club-style aesthetic and smooth power delivery make it a dream among contemporary cruisers. Moreover, with standard ABS, dual-disc front brakes, and available traction control, it’s a safe bet.   

How much HP does a Street Bob 114 have?

A 2023 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 shows off its versatility that makes it one of the best cruiser motorcycles of the year.
2023 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 | Harley-Davidson

The 2023 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 develops around 94 horsepower from its namesake 114-cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine. However, the magic happens with the Street Bob 114’s torque delivery, namely 119 lb-ft at 3,000 RPM. 

Better yet, the Street Bob is a customizable prospect among the best cruiser motorcycles of 2023. For instance, the standard passenger pad is easily replaced with a dedicated two-up seat. Also, small modular bags can slip right over the rear fender under the bolting surface of the seat, creating easy, quick storage. Finally, the Street Bob, including the newer 114 models, is almost too tempting to outfit with forward controls, different bars, or even a detachable windshield. 

How much horsepower does a 2023 Indian Chief have?

A black 2023 Indian Super Chief cruiser motorcycle rides across a bridge.
2023 Indian Super Chief | Indian Motorcycles

The 2023 Indian Chief, a logical rival for Harley-Davidson’s Street Bob 114, produces 111 horsepower and 108 lb-ft of torque from its air-cooled Thunderstroke 111 V-Twin. As a result, the Chief outmuscles the Street Bob 114 by 17 horsepower but fails to match the Milwaukee-Eight’s 119 lb-ft of torque.

Better yet, the Chief is versatile on the road with standard rear-cylinder deactivation, keyless ignition, and different riding modes. Further, for those who don’t love the standard Chief’s aesthetic, Indian offers the platform in a Sport, Bobber, or highway-ready Super Chief.   

The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 is a budget-friendly bruiser among the best cruiser motorcycles of 2023

A comprehensive list of the best cruiser motorcycles of 2023 wouldn’t be complete without a budget-friendly option. Enter the 2023 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT. What the Vulcan 900 lacks in displacement, it makes up for in accessibility. 

With a curb weight of 657 lbs and a seat height under 27 inches, the Classic LT is a manageable cruiser motorcycle for any rider. Better yet, the Classic LT can be highway-ready with a windshield and leather saddle bags.   

A BMW R 18 is your retro ticket to cruiser motorcycle magic

A black 2023 BMW R 18 sits on a stage.
2023 BMW R 18 | BMW

For those who think a cruiser motorcycle starts and stops with a V-Twin engine, think again. The 2023 BMW R 18 packs an 1,800cc (110-cubic inch) Boxer engine instead of the traditional twin. However, cylinder orientation doesn’t dissuade the R 18 from being one of the best cruiser motorcycles on the market. 

With 116 lb-ft of torque from a classically-styled BMW cruiser, the R 18 is an easy alternative to segment competition like the Indian Chief and Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114.

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