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There’s a great deal of divisiveness and strife in the world — and empathy is in short supply. However, sometimes, humanity cracks open a glimmer of light to give you a reason for hope. In Germany, a motorcycle-loving boy with terminal cancer made a last wish for two dozen bikers to drive by his house. The child’s wish was fulfilled much more than he expected, for 15,000 visited him to show their support.

6-year-old boy with terminal cancer loved motorcycles and rode motocross

Kilian Sass, motorcycle-loving boy with cancer, was visited by 15,000 bikers in Germany to show support
Kilian Sass, boy that died of cancer | Greg Z via YouTube

Kilian Sass, a six-year-old boy from Rhauderfehn, Germany, loved motorcycles. He also was an enthusiastic motocross rider. Additionally, his father is a member of a local biker group.

Unfortunately, Kilian was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma cancer. Lymphoma starts in the lymph system, which are the organs and tissue that create and carry white blood cells that fight infection, per the CDC.

Sadly, many children die of cancer each year. Cancer is the leading cause of childhood death by disease. It’s especially heartbreaking how it can take a person’s life at such a young age. 

Per the Olivia Caldwell Foundation, in the United States alone, 2,555 children die from cancer each year — and 91,250 worldwide. Every minute, there’s an average of 63 childhood cancer deaths. These are sad and sobering statistics.

Boy’s final wish was to have 20-30 bikers pass by his house — but 15,000 arrived

15,000 motorcycle riders showing support for boy with terminal cancer at biker rally in Germany
Krach für Kilian motorcycle rally | Greg Z via YouTube

Kilian’s family wanted to do something special for him. Before his death, he told them he wished to see more of the thing he most loved: motorcycles. He wanted to see bikers ride past his home and make some noise. 

From there, the family put out a call on social media. Originally, they only expected around 20-30 riders from the father’s motorcycle club and the local area. However, the social media post inspired many bikers to come out in droves. 

The post went viral, which resulted in the hashtag #KrachfürKilian (Noise for Kilian). It became a rallying cry not only for bikers in Germany — but also throughout other countries in Europe.

An astonishing 15,000 bikers showed up to support Kilian — and fulfill his final wish before he died of cancer. The rally stretched four miles and lasted for over three hours. 

You can see the biker rally in the video below. However, please note that some of the footage in the first minute of the video mistakenly has shots from a different rally in Brazil. The rest of the footage correctly shows the rally in Germany. 

Heartwarming reactions to motorcycle rally for Kilian

Given today’s cynicism, it’s wonderful when so many people can join together for a great cause — and show empathy. Also, bikers had heartwarming reactions to the event and showed compassion for the dying boy, as detailed by the Breast Cancer Site

Markus Kruse, the event organizer, said, “I have goosebumps all over my body. We never expected so many people to come. I hope that Kilian and his family can draw strength from it.”

Another rider, Kim Hansenm, drove her motorcycle over 370 miles to join the rally. She said, “I’ve lost a six-year-old son myself, and I know how it must feel for the parents.”

Young Kilian died one month after the event. However, at least he got to go out experiencing what he loves the most.


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