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Motorcycles are some of the most exciting forms of transportation. Not only do bikes sound and look cool, but these vehicles are also perfect for getting you where you need to go in a fast and efficient manner. Because of the lightweight designs, handling a motorcycle is a thrill.

When most people are looking for a new bike, they want to know about the engine and how fast the bike is able to go. And while speed is an important aspect of a bike, the way it handles might be just a little more important. Sure, your bike may be able to go 120 mph down the highway, but if it can’t take a curve very well, then it is not going to be able to get you very far.

There are several factors that go into determining how a bike will handle. While some of it definitely depends on the driver, there are a few things that the bike must have in order to handle well on the road. Here is a list of a few different motorcycles that are guaranteed to have great handling.

The Norton Atlas is a classic that stood the test of time

The Norton Atlas is a British vintage bike that was first produced in 1949. The Atlas featured a 745 cc engine that was encased in the iconic Featherbed frame. At the time, the Featherbed frame was the best handling frame that was available. And it is still considered to be one of Norton’s greatest designs of all time.

In the mid-1970s, Norton abandoned the Featherbed in favor of a frame that would greatly reduce the amount of vibration that the driver felt from the engine. The new frame was called the Isolastic Suspension. The new engine was wildly popular amongst riders. However, no one was ever able to forget the impressive amount of handling that the Featherbed frame provided.

The Ducati 750 SS might be the best handling motorcycle of all time

The Ducati 750 SS was first introduced into the world back in 1972. Back then, it was one of the most impressive bikes on the market, in terms of handling and speed. Its unique body design and superior suspension allowed it to stop on a dime and take sharp curves seamlessly

Production on the 750 SS continued for two more decades. During those 20 years, the bike had received a few modern advancements. But the overall design was kept the same, and it is still considered to be one of the best handling motorcycles today.

The Vincent Black Shadow was the first superbike

Another British vintage bike on the list is the Vincent Black Shadow. Known for its rugged good looks, the Black Shadow Series C revolutionized the way people viewed motorcycles.

It was first produced in the 1950s by a man named Phillip Vincent. Back in 1928, Vincent had bought a motorcycle manufacturing company. After he bought the company, his one goal was to make the best motorcycle that the world had ever seen

In a quest to build the best bike ever, Vincent teamed up with an engineer from Australia named Phil Irving. Together, the two men worked tirelessly to develop a world-class engine.

The result was a 998 cc V-twin engine that delivered an impressive 55 hp. Interestingly enough, the bike was known as the first “superbike” to ever be produced. People had instantly fallen in love with the Black Shadow when they saw not only how powerful it was, but also had great it handled.