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Keanu is a hard figure to dislike. If you are a decent person who also likes other decent people, he may be impossible to dislike. Between starting his own motorcycle company, learning tough skills for his films, and countless anecdotes of him being generous, kind, and excitable, Keanu seems special. Gooey stuff aside, Keanu Reeves really went to great lengths to make the driving stunts in John Wick: Chapter 4 as insane and realistic as possible; because he actually did them. 

Does Keanu Reeves do his stunts for John Wick?

If you’ve seen any of the John Wick film franchise, you’ll know there is no shortage of stunts for Reeves to do in the action-packed series. The latest, “John Wick: Chapter 4,” is in theaters now, starring Keanu Reeves as an assassin. As we didn’t know but could have expected, Reeves has become so skilled that the stunt drivers weren’t as needed as you might think. 

Tanner Foust, Top Gear America host, was tapped to be the stunt driver for the newest John Wick film. While Keanu fans are aware of his love of motorcycle riding and his personal motorcycle company Arch, many don’t know he can drive too. 

Foust said that once Keanu got into the action of the film, he took to it well enough to get an “8/10” rating as a drifter from Foust. Foust says that Keanu’s time riding bikes made him a quick study for drifting and other action driving stunts. 

Keanu Reeves can actually reload a pistol and drift at the same time

The stunt that Foust seems to be the proudest of his student for is a one-handed drift while reloading a pistol. This particular stunt combines two of Keanu Reeves’ most impressive skills; three-gun competition shooting and driving. In order to prepare for his role as a hyper-skilled international assassin, Reeves spent time not only training in three-gun competition shoots but also actually competing. Pulling off a drift while reloading pushes his skills to the limit, and we love seeing it. 

What cars are in John Wick: Chapter 4?

John Wick: Chapter 4 driving stunts performed by Keanu Reeves
Plymouth Cuda | YouTube: John Wick: Chapter 4

The original car from the first film that kicked off a major part of Wick’s rage toward the baddies was a Mustang Boss 429. Autoblog notes that after the painful destruction of his priced pony car, Wick moves on to a Chevelle SS. Now, in the 4th film, we see a ’71 Cuda whipped around Paris with its doors removed in the trailer. 

When does John Wick: Chapter 4 come out? 

The film was released in theaters on March 24. It is still in theaters now but will make its streaming debut shortly.