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While motorcycles are often associated with speed and excitement, some bikes are also the perfect way to experience the wide open road. Touring motorcycles are big bikes with powerful engines, making them perfect for traveling long distances while carrying luggage or even another passenger.

Check out our favorite touring motorcycles, perfect for long rides, below.

Honda Gold Wing: the classic touring motorcycle

This bike is considered the first touring motorcycle. The bike was first introduced in 1975 and launched the concept of touring motorcycles. The Gold Wing certainly makes comfort a priority. It has heated grips and seat, satellite navigation, passenger armrests, and comfy, wide seats. 

While it is geared for comfort, this bike can still hit a top speed of 124 mph. With a six-cylinder engine and 7-speed DCT automatic transmission, Honda has built this motorcycle with power in mind as well. Honda also hasn’t forgotten about safety. The Gold Wing makes motorcycle safety history by coming equipped with a factory production-line airbag.

This combination of comfort and power comes at a cost, with prices starting at $23,500. 

BMW K 1600 GTL: a powerful and luxurious choice

If you are looking for luxury with no compromises on power, this might be the touring motorcycle for you. This motorcycle touts a six-cylinder in-line engine, 160 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque. The suspension is electronically adjustable, allowing for a smooth ride over uneven roads. 

There is no doubt that a ride on the BMW K 1600 GTL will be comfortable. The motorcycle includes heated seats, a range of seat heights, and an electrically adjustable windscreen. The motorcycle was also designed with storage in mind. It has installed cases and storage compartments to conveniently store travel essentials. Expect this cushy bike to start at $25,995.

Indian Roadmaster: a vintage feel that packs a punch

While this bike has a distinctly vintage vibe, its specs show that it is a truly modern vehicle. The Indian Roadmaster has an 1811 cc V-twin engine with a six-speed transmission. The bike can hit a top speed of 125 mph.

The vintage quality of the bike is accented by leather seats and a chrome dash, but it comes with the bells and whistles of a modern bike. It offers a keyless start, integrated GPS, tire-pressure monitoring, and a 200-watt stereo.

You’ll stay warm and comfortable with heated seats and grips. The bike packs over 37 gallons of cargo space and gives the driver full control with a glove-compatible touchscreen. If you are feeling ready for a splurge, this bike is for you. The 2020 model starts at $29,999.

Yamaha FJR1300: a great value touring motorcycle

It is possible to get speed and comfort without breaking the bank. The Yamaha FJR 1300 starts at $16,390. This model is Yamaha’s flagship touring bike. It had a 1298 cc liquid-cooled in-line four engine and a six-speed transmission. It can hit a top speed of 124 mph.

Even with a lower price tag than some other luxury touring motorcycles, the FJR1300 still comes with plenty of amenities. It has heated seats, traction control, cruise control, folding mirrors, and quick-release luggage mounts. The bike comes with adjustable ergonomics, a push-button adjustable windscreen, a plush seat, integrated luggage, and a large fuel tank.

Yamaha Star Venture: packed with modern features


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The Star Venture is a top of the line transcontinental bike, made for long distance driving. The bike has a nostalgic look, but it is packed with modern power and features.

This motorcycle has a central screen, offering access to navigation, Bluetooth, trip info, and even more information. Seats and grips are heated, the bike is packed with storage options, and it includes fog lights and a security system.

The Star Venture has an 1854 cc air-cooled V-twin engine with a six-speed transmission. The bike’s rigid chassis and advanced suspension systems allows for confident handling on twisty roads. Before upgrades, this bike is available at $24,999.

Once you’ve decided which touring motorcycle is the one for you, it might be time to plan a road trip to put it to the test!