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Established in 1949, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. introduced its first original product, the “Dream” D-type motorcycle. As motorcycles were how Honda got its start. Now, 70 years later, the Honda name is still synonymous with street bikes and cruisers.

Today, Honda Powersports is putting out every kind of bike imaginable such as touring, supersport, cruiser, adventure as well as standard and more. Check out what’s so special about the following bikes that made AutoWise’s list of the top Honda motorcycles.

Gold Wing

Considered one of the most comfortable cruiser motorcycles on the market, even after 40 years this bike is still a favorite with long-distance riders. There are currently 5 versions of the Gold Wing, providing a “wonderfully neutral riding position” per Cycle World.

This great ride is equipped with 110 total liters of luggage capacity, sure to get you planning your next cross-country road trip. Some not to be overlooked specs listed at include the Double Wishbone Front Suspension and 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. 

CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird

This was the black panther of bikes, built to rival the Kawasaki ZX-11. It claimed the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle with top speeds of 180mph.

Cycle World counted this bike among its, “Best Used Bikes“. Sold between the years of 1997-2003, it boasted a DOHC, dual-counterbalanced 1137cc in-line four. An upgrade that improved mid-range power and fuel economy gave this bike a 6.3-gallon fuel capacity making it ideal as a sport-tourer.

VFR750R RC30

Despite its 30 year age, this bike has retained its popularity and price point. Now a classic collectible, it was considered a serious motorcycle in its day, worthy of its hefty price tag nearly double than its counterparts.

Although not that powerful with 112hp, writes Bike Review, its 180kg dry weight was nothing but enviable. Powered by a 748-cc gear-driven-cam V4 engine, output was a considerable 1,100 rpm, 51 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 rpm. 


This Honda Motorcycle was voted the best lightweight street bike and cruiser of the year by Cycle World and Cruiser Magazine. It’s also perfect for a beginner, as it rides like a smaller bike and comes in 300cc and 500cc form.

Forbes writes that this bike is perfect for those wanting a cruiser but not one that is huge, allowing you to quickly zip around town. Its 471cc twin-cylinder engine is “one of our best ever”, reports Honda Powersports. 

CRF1000L Africa Twin

This Adventure bike, influenced by Dakar rally racers, is as multipurpose as you can get. Whether putting miles of highway behind you or exploring off-road is what you have in mind, this is how to get there.

Cycle World likes this bike for being, “One of the most user-friendly 500-plus-pound motorcycles you’ll ever meet”. With a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear tires, this is the perfect ride for a big strong rider. Powered by a 998cc parallel-twin with liquid cooling and fuel injection this bike remains unparalleled in the market.


Manufactured in 1969 and produced until 1982, the CB750 was the beginning of the superbike as we know it. This 750cc four-cylinder bike was designed to give the average rider a taste of what speed tasted like.

According to Cycle Chaos, this “model is included in the AMA Hall of Fame Classic Bikes” and “Greatest Motorbikes Ever” on the Discovery Channel. Creating a stir with its four-cylinder engine, five-speed transmission, front disc brake and electric starter which was a first for the street bike of its day. For those who were not content to be confined to the street, Honda also offered a race kit to make it a race-ready bike.