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Louis Santiago

Louis Santiago is a contributing writer for MotorBiscuit.

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The engine ignition start/stop button of a Volkswagen XL1 plug-in diesel-electric hybrid automobile
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Drivers Can’t Decide If a Common Fuel-Saving Technology is Worth the Annoyance

If you haven’t been in the market for a new car or truck recently, it’s possible you have missed a big change in how automobile manufacturers are addressing the fuel economy and emissions problem. In addition to SUVs boasting greater fuel economy, start/stop technology is a new standard feature on a growing number of U.S.-produced automobiles. …
Hyundai BTR Elantra Sport Concept is on display at the 110th Annual Chicago Auto Show
Hybrids & Electrics

Even The Hyundai Elantra Is Getting a Hybrid Powertrain

Although described as a compact sedan, the newly redesigned 2021 Hyundai Elantra is not only bigger than its predecessor but also jazzed up in tech features and its all-new hybrid powertrain. Additionally, its “styling charts some new territory” with Hyundai’s “Sensuous Sportiness Design” and is touted as having a “futuristic new design.”  What else do …
A 2020 Acura RDX on display at the Acura Festival Village at Sundance Film Festival

U.S. News Rates the 2020 Acura RDX as the Top Luxury Compact SUV

2020 is proving to be another winning year for Acura’s luxury crossover SUV, the RDX. Since its redesign in 2019, this American-made model is edging out the competition and winning accolades from the likes of J.D. Power and U.S. News. Taking the No. 1 spot in the 15 Best Luxury Compact SUVs for 2020 list, …
2021 Chevrolet Suburban High Country driving on icy road
Trucks & SUVs

Does the New Chevrolet Suburban Have Android Auto?

It appears that our vehicles are starting to outsmart us. As connected as our homes might be, the cars in our driveway may be stiff competition for connectivity like these top four cars for android users. And the newest tech to show up in your automobiles infotainment system is Android Auto. If you are springing …
2021 Chevrolet Suburban parked near home
Trucks & SUVs

Will the New Chevrolet Suburban Be Reliable?

Chevrolet has attained its goal of putting on the market a completely redesigned truck and SUV line-up within 24 months. The newest and highly anticipated redesign is that of the Suburban a superstar in the world of SUVs and even earning its own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Following the Silverado and Silverado …
A red 1958 Pontiac Bonneville on display.
Trucks & SUVs

5 Pontiac Cars We Still Miss

Pontiac has made some truly beloved cars over the years. Despite going out of business there is still a big following for the brand.