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Motorcycles are a fun and fast way to get around, but riding one is very different from driving a car. If you’re thinking about buying your first motorcycle, then there are many things that you need to know before making that jump. One of the bigger ones is what motorcycle to buy, so here are the 5 best motorcycles for beginners according to HotCars.

5. Honda CBR500R

The CBR500R is a sporty motorcycle that actually sports a lot of beginner features along with some good power and performance figures. For example, it has plenty of legroom, which is great for riders of any body type.

It’s also on the heavier side for a motorcycle, which is great when it comes to stability and balance. This will allow you to more easily handle your bike when you’re just getting used to the feeling of riding on one. 

It comes with a sizable 47-hp engine and it’s also on the more affordable end of the spectrum, as it starts at about $6,000. 

4. Suzuki TU250X

The TU250X is a smaller bike than the CBR500R, but it’s still a great bike for beginners. When it comes to looks, the TU250X looks more like a traditional motorcycle rather than a sporty motorcycle, but its 14-hp engine gives it more than enough power for the road. 

When it comes to features, reliability and simplicity are key to the TU250X. This bike provides very simple and easy-to-use features that new riders can get acquainted with quickly and effortlessly.

Because of its small size, it’s not a good bike for long distances, but it is a good first bike to ride on. It’s also very affordable as well, as it starts at about $4,000. 

3. Yamaha V Star 250

Similar to the TU250X, the V Star 250 is a more traditional looking bike compared to the sporty look of the CBR500R. However, the V Star 250 boasts a lot of things that make it superior to the TU250X. 

The V Star 250 is still a smaller bike, but it has a 21-hp engine that’s quite powerful for its size. On top of that, it has a decent range of about 200 miles, which makes it decent for driving outside of the city as well as in it. 

That said, according to HotCars, the V Star 250 does suffer some issues if it goes over 65 miles per hour. HotCars recommends cruising at 55 miles per hour, which it says is the ideal speed for the V Star 250. 

But, it’s another very affordable bike as it starts at $4,300.

2. Honda Rebel 500

Unlike the TU250X or the V Star 250, the Rebel 500 boasts a small and traditional looking frame while being better in other areas. Along with its 45-hp engine and its 3 gallon gas tank, the Rebel 500 is a great bike for short trips as well as for long cruises.

Its frame will also provide a nice and comfortable ride for those trips, no matter how long they are. That said, the Rebel 500 is pricier than the TU250X or the V Star 250, but it’s still a relatively affordable motorcycle as it starts at about $6,000.

1. Kawasaki Vulcan S

The best motorcycle for beginners according to HotCars is the Vulcan S. It’s the best bike for several reasons, but one of them is because it’s a bike that you can ride even as you get more experienced. This makes it a good bike to keep for a long time.

With a powerful 54-hp engine and Kawasaki’s ergonomic system, beginners will get a taste of a fun, safe, and very comfortable ride. However, it is the most pricey motorcycle on this list, as it starts at about $7,100.