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Harley-Davidson has had an interesting history. It started off as a successful motorcycle company in the 1920s, but after a bad deal tarnished its reputation, the company found itself struggling. Under new management, Harley-Davidson was back to producing quality bikes and winning back its loyal customers.

Even with its declining sales recently, Harley-Davidson is still considered one of the most successful motorcycle companies in the United States. It’s made a lot of cool bikes over the years, from sleek racing motorcycles to big muscle bikes with growling engines. Here are some of our favorites from some of the greatest Harley-Davidson motorcycles of all time, according to MotorDigest.

1915 11F

This bike is a little dated, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Unlike the flathead engines of its competitors at the time, the 11F featured a V-twin F-head engine.

Other new innovations included a three-speed transmission and an automatic oiler. Harley-Davidson was the only motorcycle company at the time to guarantee a bike’s power output. It promised that the 11F was capable of 11 hp. While it’s not as impressive to behold as some newer motorcycles, it helped establish the company’s reputation as a quality bike manufacturer.

1983 XR-1000

This racing bike quickly gained popularity with track racers in the ’70s for being one of the most powerful bikes of the time. It has a max speed of 112 mph. Plus, its 4-speed transmission gave drivers a smooth and responsive ride.

Its subpar overall power and high price tag didn’t garner a lot of success for the bike when it was first released, but it’s still a fun and capable motorcycle. Its engine is an air-cooled 998 cc V-twin capable of 70 hp and 48 lb-ft of torque.

2009 FXSTB Night Train

The Night Train is the perfect blend of aesthetics and power. Nearly all of this bike has a shiny black exterior, including the powertrain, seat, engine covers, oil tank, fuel tank console, and rear fender.

It has a Twin Cam 96B engine and a six-speed transmission. Plus, thanks to its Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, riders can enjoy precise throttling and better fuel efficiency.

2012 CVO Softail Convertible

One of the big appeals of the Harley-Davidson Softail Convertible upon its release was its lightweight design and more accessible seating. Its low saddle bag placement made it easier for drivers of any height and weight to get on and off their bike easily.

It features a six-speed cruise transmission and an air-cooled 1802 Twin Cam engine. Not to mention, its rear suspension is one of the steadiest of its class. This is perfect considering that this was a clearly a motorcycle made for comfort during long drives. It features a removable windscreen, rear passenger seat, and backrest.

2012 FLHR Road King

This touring motorcycle is popular among bikers everywhere for its impressive comfort and performance. Its injection-molded saddlebags are perfect for keeping drivers and passengers happy during long drives. 

Thankfully, it comes with many standard safety features like the Harley-Davidson Smart Security System, ABS, and cruise control. It has a Twin Cam 103 1690 cc engine capable of 67 hp and 79 lb-ft of torque.

Its six-speed cruise drive transmission and maximum speed of 96 mph make the Road King a blast to drive. Additionally, it comes in a good selection of colors and can be customized to suit the driver’s preferences. It also comes with some nice finishing touches like a classic Hiawatha headlamp, a premium paint job, and a nice 17-inch front wheel.