Mini Cooper driving over a crosswalk

What’s So Special About Mini Cooper?

Subcompact cars aren’t as popular as they used to be, but brands like Mini are still holding strong. Mini’s legendary Mini Cooper has a quirky sense of style that appeals to many drivers. But what’s so special about Mini Cooper besides its looks? The Mini Cooper and its “go-kart” handling  As we’ve said before, there’s nothing like a Mini. Sure …

Mini Cooper SE Electric parked in the city

3 Reasons to Avoid the 2021 Mini Cooper

What’s up with the Mini Cooper these days? Is it still a popular compact convertible? At one point, they were cool enough to be in, ‘An Italian Job,’ a bank robbery movie. So, what happened? Why aren’t people into the 2021 Mini Cooper?  Reasons to avoid the 2021 Mini Cooper  1. The Mini Cooper is …

2020 Mini Cooper SE Electric
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Is the Mini Cooper a Reliable Car?

We love the Mini Cooper because of its unmatched driving dynamics and dashing style. You don’t have to look further than the Mini for a fun-to-drive car that’s ideal for city living. But just how reliable is the Mini Cooper? What Consumer Reports says about the Mini Cooper We can’t deny how fun the original Mini Cooper is, but it has …

2020 Mini Cooper SE Electric

3 Reasons to Pick the Mini Cooper Over the Buick Encore

The Buick Encore is a sweet subcompact SUV that’s ideal for city driving. With the Encore, you get a pleasant, safe, and reliable ride.  There are even a few reasons to choose the Encore over a fan-favorite like the Mini Cooper. However, the Mini Cooper lineup is undeniably fun and distinctive. Here are a few …