MINI Gets a Makeover — Three Models Upgrade with No Price Change

It’s time for an upgrade to some of the Mini Cooper models, but this will be the first time three models will be heavily upgraded simultaneously. If you aren’t a Mini Cooper fan, you may not have even realized that there were three variations of the car to modify, but there are actually five models currently available, though only three of them will be receiving cool new updates. What makes it even better? These upgrades won’t increase the cost of the car in the next production year of the SE, making us love Mini Coopers just a little bit more.

New updates to three Mini Cooper models

According to BMW Group, the parent company of MINI, we can expect some big changes for the next model year of three Mini Cooper models: the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door, and the MINI Convertible, and according to the manufacturer, these updates don’t mean an increase in price to the SE, making it the third consecutive model year without price hikes. The updates are pretty extensive, too, including exterior changes as well as some well-needed changes to the interior and infotainment system, all done while maintaining the fun and sporty driving experience we know the car to have.

Four generations of Mini Cooper ranging from the newest model back, on a completely white background
A new Mini Cooper sits in a lineup of older Mini Coopers | BMW Group

Starting on the outside

The updates to the exterior don’t necessarily ditch the iconic MINI styling, but they do a lot to make the car look more modern. Deleting the fog light on these models might seem odd, but it sharpens up the front end to allow for more aggressive styling choices, like the standard black rim that surrounds the headlight. A hexagonal front grille makes the front end look better than ever.

An overview of updates to the rear and side of the new Mini Cooper S
An overview of updates to the Mini Cooper S | BMW Group

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Interior and tech updates

With all of the new updates, these new Mini Cooper models still hold a lot of the more traditional styling we know and love — and that’s part of what makes the newest model year great. The same MINI interior now with modern touches, the circular infotainment system now features a standard 8.8-inch display, which pairs well with the 5-inch digital dashboard. Along with this comes ‘Live Widgets’ and some much-needed updates to the media menus, as well as accent lights with the option of 12 different colors to chose from.

An overview of the new updates for the interior and dashboard of the Mini Cooper S | BMW Group
An overview of the new updates for the Mini Cooper S | BMW Group

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While only three of the five available Mini Cooper models are recieving these updates, we are still excited to see what the consumer base thinks of them. With enough familiarity to pair well with the heritage of the brand, these modern and updated MINIs look better than ever before.