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The 2024 MINI Cooper Electric is the electric vehicle (EV) version of the statement-making MINI Cooper. This means you can expect all the compact and sporty fun of the original, now electrified.

So how much is the 2024 MINI Cooper Electric going to cost? And what can avid car buyers like you expect to pay for one, both at the entry level and at its top trim? Here are all the pricing details you need to know about a fully loaded MINI Cooper Electric.

Pricing and features of the MINI Cooper SE trim

You can get your hands on a 2024 MINI Cooper SE Electric this May in a two-door, hard-top variation. This entry-level MINI is anything but basic. As MINI describes, it’s “stylish and technologically sensational.”

It has a peppy 28.9-kWh electric motor capable of producing 181 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque. It can also squawk from 0 to 60 mph in just under seven seconds, according to the MINI’s model spec sheet. Not bad for an EV.

MINI shares additional specs, including this electric Cooper’s ability to drive 114 miles on a full charge. Charging only takes 36 minutes to restore 80% charge. Entry-level pricing begins at $30,900. 

Pricing and features of the top trim level

There’s good news and bad – ultimately, the SE trim is all you get with the MINI Cooper Electric. So, the base level is its only level. But as previously noted, there’s no shortage of performance, tech, and safety features on the SE. 

It’s loaded with standard features that will make you feel like you’re driving more than a base-level trim, including heated front seats, rain-sensing wipers, hands-free power entry, and LED front lighting.

It’s all premium exterior features with every detail accounted for, says MINI. From its sharp wheels and signature grilles to Union Jack taillights and aerodynamic driving dynamics, the new 2024 MINI Cooper Electric marries modern with its iconic origins.

Loading up your 2024 MINI Cooper Electric

The convertible Mini Cooper Electric from a top-down view.
The Mini Cooper Electric SE | MINI

Using the MINI “build your own” tools, you can spruce up your MINI Cooper SE Electric with a few packages and extras. The Classic trim is already included and introduces seven body colors, nine wheel options, and eight different interior options. 

You can add the Signature Trim, which has three body colors, one wheel option, and one interior layout. The standard features are “intermediate,” and this package tacks on another $3,325. 

Alternatively, you can bump up to the Iconic level trim, which includes seven body colors, nine wheel options, and eight interior options. It’s the maximum standard features roster and costs $5,800 to add.

The multitone roof colors (red, blue, or white) are available for an extra $500. You can get the MINI Yours Leather Lounge interior in carbon black for an additional $750. And after adding all the extras, you can expect a $37,950 price tag before tax, title, and license.

If you want an EV without compromising that street-legal go-kart feel, the 2024 MINI Cooper Electric SE is definitely worth a look. And while you don’t have a selection of trims from which to choose, there are some packages and design elements to consider. The lone SE trim is pretty packed with great standard amenities already. But no matter how you build your MINI Cooper Electric, you still spend less than $40,000, even at its highest-end options. Be looking for these models to hit the dealership lot in May 2023. And take a test drive to see just how peppy and fun this electrified new MINI really is.


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