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MINI is an outstanding automaker with a history of producing great cars that make any drive a more enjoyable experience. For many years drivers have considered one of these models because of the smile-inducing driving experience and remarkable refinement. If you look at a new MINI, you will find yourself enthralled with the brand’s heritage, particularly the John Cooper Works package. If you want a great new MINI, is it worth considering a new MINI JCW Hardtop?

What does the John Cooper Works package add?

The MINI JCW Hardtop is an exciting compact car ready to stand out from the crowd and offer drivers some memorable performance. While the regular MINI Hardtop 2 Door is fun to drive, when equipped with the John Cooper Works package, it becomes a thrilling car to drive. The big chance to these models is the inclusion of a TwinPower Turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. This engine will produce 228 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque. This power increase equals nearly 40 more horsepower and 30 more lb-ft of torque over the preceding engine. 

In addition to the more powerful engine, the John Cooper Works package also includes a bevy of other upgrades. Firstly, including a unique sport exhaust allows the more powerful engine to breathe more efficiently and offers a more exciting sound to your drive. Furthermore, the suspension features sportier tuning and can even come with optional adjustable dampers in the front and rear. Finally, the exterior includes unique upgrades and design features like a complete aero kit, special wheels, and two-tone color schemes.

The final upgrades that this package offers are found inside. Unique Dinamica microsuede upholstery covers the comfortable seats, and a sporty leather-wrapped steering wheel allows you to control this turbocharged two-door easily. 

Why upgrade to this model?

a new mini john cooper works hardtop parked over looking the ocean

If you are looking at the MINI Hardtop 2 Door, you already love the design and sporty dynamic. While the standard model is still pleasant to drive, stepping up to the JCW gives you a better drive. 

The combination of performance and unique styling can give you a bigger smile when you press down the throttle. More importantly, as noted by Car and Driver, the aggressive suspension and extra performance allow this compact car to have more direct handling on twisty roads.

Furthermore, the addition of the upgrades on the interior can give this compact a slightly more refined and upscale feeling. No matter what your daily drive looks like, driving a MINI JCW Hardtop will certainly be an enjoyable experience.

The big question is, is it worth it?

a mini jcw hardtop driving along the coast with refined performance
MINI JCW Hardtop Driving | MINI

When you look into the MINI JCW Hardtop and the specifications, the easy answer is yes, it is worth it. But, the answer is not so straightforward. With a starting price of $40,325, this model is priced a bit higher than the competition. Models like the Hyundai Veloster N and Volkswagen Golf GTI start around $10,000 less, so it can be tough to justify spending extra money. Furthermore, when it comes to the performance, The Drive mentions that driving the MINI JCW Hardtop can be sluggish despite the added power. The transmission may not be as responsive as competitors and, in turn, may not be as fun to drive.

But, if you are looking to enjoy something with unique styling that won’t be confused with other models, there is little argument that a John Cooper Works edition MINI is the ideal choice. This MINI JCW Hardtop offers fine fuel economy, enough grit for most driving situations, and a refined interior. In the end, the decision comes down to you. 


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