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Driver's side front angle view of white Volkswagen ID. LIFE
Hybrids & Electrics

Volkswagen ID. LIFE Electric Crossover SUV: What We Know so Far

With the ID. LIFE, Volkswagen unveiled another model for its expanding lineup of ID electric vehicles. It’s a crossover that’s geared toward environmental sustainability and urban mobility. A production version of the ID. LIFE will be released in Europe in 2025 (priced at around $24,000), while an American arrival has not been ruled out.
The Tokyo skyline at sunset, with Fuji in the background
Sedans & Coupes

The City One Is the Best New Electric Car for the City

Urban areas are the ultimate proving ground for electric vehicles. Now, mobility company ACM is taking a swing at urban EV transport with the City One. Clearly, the small new EV is taking notes from some of the most successful small, city-oriented EVs, like the Honda City. It's not just the names that are similar, and that's not a bad thing. Cleaning up air quality in cities is great, and the City One looks to do that with style, practicality and zero emissions.
Cigarette packets and other trash washed up on Chesil Beach after a cargo ship accident
Tips, Tricks & Trends

BeachBot Buggy Cleans by Collecting Cigarette Butts

Autonomous vehicles are all the rage these days as innovators develop new technologies designed to advance the science behind machines driving themselves. However, not all AVs are meant for daily drivers or personal use. One new autonomous vehicle model is destined to clean the environment by picking up cigarette butts autonomously.