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Another day, another brand new electric vehicle concept from a popular automaker. At the 2021 Munich Auto Show, Volkswagen revealed a concept for its new EV model that launches in Europe by 2025. Unfortunately for American fans of the VW brand, there are no current plans to bring the production version of the ID.Life to the United States. This is one EV that will remain exclusive to Europe and Asia. Although before getting disappointed, Volkswagen has a lineup of EVs coming that will feature similar technology to the ID.Life concept.

What we know about the Volkswagen ID.Life concept

A grey Volkswagen ID.Life concept electric mini-suv parked in a city street
Volkswagen ID.Life Concept | Volkswagen

The Volkswagen ID.Life concept is a compact SUV, or mini-SUV which will debut in VW’s lineup starting in 2025. Its front wheels are powered by a 231-hp electric motor; its 57.0-kWh battery pack has an estimated 249 miles per charge. Volkswagen chose not to include interior or exterior mirrors, but instead opt for cameras and small display screens throughout. The customizable interior features a mode that maximizes cargo space, as well as a setting to turn the front and second-row bench seats into a bed. VW says the ID.Life can be transformed into a comfortable place to watch a movie or play video games, when parked.

The interior of a Volkswagen Id.Life concept electric mini-suv
Volkswagen ID.Life Concept Interior | Volkswagen

Like a Jeep Wrangler or Ford Bronco, the roof of the Volkswagen ID.Life concept can be completely removed. You can find recycled mateirals used throughout the entire vehicle. Materials such as wood chips, natural rubber, and rice husks. The roof and other parts of the ID.Life contain these materials. The steering wheel is hexagonal and contains a large display screen.

Volkswagen’s electric future

Volkswagen’s goal is for half of all new VWs sold in China and the US to be electric by 2030. In that same timeframe, it also hopes to increase its share of EV sales in Europe to 70 percent. A more affordable electric concept car of the future, the ID.Life may start at an equivalent price of about $24,000. This price point should help increase traction for VW’s electric vehicle goals.

Volkswagen EV alternatives

A yellow Volkswagen ID.Buzz concept microbus drives down a road during the day
Volkswagen ID.Buzz Concept | Volkswagen

As mentioned earlier, Volkswagen does not plan to release the ID.Life production version in the United States. So what vehicles can Americans look forward to from VWs electric lineup? In 2024 comes an old classic revived to be eco-friendly.

The ID.Buzz Microbus is the Volkswagen bus you remember, but completely electric. With such an iconic design, it seems like a no-brainer to bring it back as an EV. The Microbus will use the same underpinnings as the Audi e-tron crossover and have 300-hp.

Lets say the ID.Life doesn’t have enough room for your family, and the Microbus isn’t your style. Volkswagen is also releasing a three-row SUV with its electric-vehicle architecture. The ID.8 (and its smaller siblings ID.6 and ID.4) is expected to come soon, though the smallest of the three SUVs, the ID.4 is set to release as a 2023 model. The ID.8 will seat seven and have an optional dual-motor all-wheel drive upgrade.

Volkswagen, like many other automakers, is taking big strides to enter the electric market. This new concept vehicle is a big step toward creating a versatile EV lineup for the future. Volkswagen’s ID.Life concept is a stylish and convenient mini-SUV that brings a futuristic look to the VW lineup. Who could say no to a bench seat that transforms into a bed?


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