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A silver Audi Grandsphere on a white slab inside of a grey building.

Audi Unveils Grandsphere Concept Car as a ‘Private Jet for the Road’

Audi is looking to make something even more luxurious. That's exactly why Audi recently unveiled a brand-new concept car that's going to be extremely luxurious called the Audi Grandsphere. Here's a look at the Audi Grandsphere concept car which the German automaker is calling "a private jet for the road." 

Audi is one of the most well-known luxury automakers in the world, and now, Audi is looking to make something even more luxurious. That’s precisely why Audi recently unveiled a brand-new concept car that will be highly luxurious called the Audi Grandsphere. Here’s a look at the Audi Grandsphere concept car, which the German automaker calls “a private jet for the road.” 

A silver Audi Grandsphere on a white slab inside of a grey building.
Audi Grandsphere | Getty Images

Audi’s transition into EVs

It’s no secret by now that many automakers are setting a deadline for themselves for the end of gas and diesel-powered cars. Lawmakers in countries and states have created deadlines as well, so automakers may just be doing their best to follow those laws. Regardless, this is the same story for Audi. 

As CNBC wrote, Audi plans to sell EVs exclusively by 2033. However, like with anything as complicated as switching over to EVs, this will be a process. Audi will create one final gas-powered engine in 2026, and after that, Audi will focus only on EVs. In the meanwhile, Audi will continue to add to its EV lineup.

Currently, Audi has EVs like the e-tron, but more are coming. The Audi Grandsphere concept car is an EV. If it ever gets turned into a production car, then it’ll fit nicely on Audi’s EV lineup. This is because it’s not only luxurious but futuristic in many ways, too.

The Audi Grandsphere is ‘a private jet for the road’

To be clear, like CNBC reported, the Grandsphere is not a literal private jet. It, unfortunately, will not be able to fly. However, what it will be able to provide is something similar to the luxury of a private jet, but on the pavement. The Grandsphere does this in a few ways, some of which are more currently realistic than others. 

Off the bat, according to CNBC, the Grandsphere can transform itself into a “first class lounge.” This is the luxury part of the car, and it’s the more realistic part of the concept. It’s still extremely high-tech, at least as far as consumer cars go. For example, it’ll use a projection system instead of screens as an infotainment system. As such, the size of its “screen” is essentially the size of its dashboard. 

Plus, according to carwow, this futuristic Audi also has an eye-tracking system that’ll allow drivers to use its features without touching a button. Furthermore, there’s no center pillar that divides the front door and rear door. As such, it makes it very easy to climb into the Audi, and there’s also plenty of high-end materials in the car. 

The Audi Grandsphere has some advanced self-driving tech

The thing about the Grandsphere that is less realistic, as far as current tech goes, is that it’s supposed to have a self-driving mode. This is different from the semi-autonomous self-driving features that are available on some cars, such as Teslas. As CNBC said, no cars on the market currently have a self-driving feature, but Audi says that the Grandsphere will.

As such, some concept images don’t even feature a steering wheel in the Audi. In fact, according to CNBC, Henrik Wenders, the head of Audi, even said, “It’s no longer just about driving. Thanks to digitalization, it’s about experiences — personal, immersive and entirely human-centric.” 

While the Grandsphere is supposed to have a true self-driving feature, it’s still an excellent car for those who want to drive. As carwow said, it gets 720 hp from its two electric motors, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, and it still has 470 miles of range. 


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