A BEV World: Mercedes to Expand me Charge Network Worldwide for Push Towards an All-Electric Future

EV sales are growing every year, and it’s become clear that the cars of the future won’t be flying, but they will be electric. Many automakers are getting in on this EV action, and recently, Mercedes-Benz has made a big push toward an all-electric future. Here’s a look at the company’s plans to electrify the automotive world.

Automakers’ plan for an all-electric lineup

A Mercedes charger plugged into a black car.
Mercedes charging | Getty Images

While some automakers like Tesla are already producing only EVs, the big leap that’s still far away is established automakers having an EV-only lineup. Automakers are creating timelines to completely transition themselves to an all-electric future due to a mix of changing demands as well as laws and regulations. Automakers like Volvo are already on their way toward that goal, but Mercedes-Benz has been lagging behind.

The company does have a few EVs in its lineup, but its large-scale plans weren’t well-known. According to Green Car Reports, Mercedes-Benz recently gave an update on its EV goals. This update includes a timeline of when the automaker plans to have an EV-only lineup.

Green Car Reports wrote Mercedes-Benz would introduce the MMA platform in 2024. This platform will be for compact cars, and it’ll be used for both EVs and conventional vehicles. It will be the company’s last platform that will support conventional cars. Then the automaker will only introduce platforms for EVs. 

Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric future

Green Car Reports said that Mercedes-Benz, “doesn’t rule out” having old platforms that can support conventional cars in production. However, the automaker will introduce the three EV-platforms that’ll support its EV-only lineup in 2025. There’ll be the MB.EA platform for medium and large EVs, the AMG.EA platform for performance EVs and the VAN.EA platform for light commercial EVs, which include electric vans. 

Green Car Reports said that Mercedes-Benz would have EV-only offerings in places where “market conditions allow” in 2030. One of the ways the company hopes to facilitate that is by building its own charging ecosystem. According to Mercedes-Benz, its charging network, “The me Charge network,” currently has over 530,000 charging points worldwide, but the automaker isn’t done expanding it yet.

Mercedes-Benz said, “The me Charge network” will access an additional 30,000 charging points worldwide by 2025. This is thanks to customers having access to Shell’s Recharge network of chargers. According to Green Car Reports, “The me Charge network” will have its own app and support the Plug & Charge standard. These factors will help make charging as simple and convenient as possible.

What Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric future will look like


Mercedes-Benz Poised to Steal Tesla’s Thunder With EV ‘Fireworks’

Mercedes-Benz doesn’t offer any EVs in the U.S. now, but that’s changing very soon. The automaker will debut its first EV in the American market, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, in fall 2021. It’ll be a pretty expensive luxury sedan, but it’s going to give the Tesla Model S some stiff competition. The EQS may get about 478 miles on a single charge, which would be more than what the Model S gets.

One of the concept EVs that Mercedes-Benz is developing is the 2022 Vision EQXX. Since it’s a concept, it may not become a production car. However, the Vision EQXX will get 621 miles of range, according to Green Car Reports. Mercedes-Benz hopes to be able to do that by focusing on efficiency. If Mercedes-Benz is able to achieve that, then the company can take a big leap forward for the automotive world.