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Chinese automaker Xpeng has taken a clever direction with its three-in-one off-road concept. In certain configurations, it looks like a chunky Cybertruck six-wheeler. Plus, it is home to an eVTOL flying car, meaning the ”Land Aircraft Carrier” (LAC) can cover everything from mountain to ocean and the skies. Xpeng says it is for flying, commuting, and off-road.”

The six wheels show its off-road intentions while housing an eVTOL aircraft inside its bed. It has hybrid power, as well as autonomous capabilities. Once the eVTOL pod is out of the back, the six rotors fold out. Then, once you’re through flying, the rotors fold back, and it all fits neatly into the LAC bed. 

What are some of the Land Aircraft Carrier eVTOL features?

Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL off-road
Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL | Xpeng

Another feature is that the eVTOL can fly with two rotors not functioning. It also has a multi-parachute rescue system that can handle up to 2,200 lbs. Touchdowns are made easier by breaking at 164 feet rather than the standard 656 feet. 

Inside of the eVTOL, pilots have a 270-degree view of their surroundings. It is in compliance with all of the requirements for single-point safety, meaning there are backups for all functions. And while inside the bed, the aircraft can tie into the truck’s charging system for a recharge. So, there is no need to recharge at home or at a public charging station. 

Is Xpeng planning on manufacturing the SUV?

Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL packed in bed
Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL | Xpeng

For varying terrain, the Xpeng Land Aircraft Carrier concept has an adaptive suspension that can adjust ride height up or down. And the controls in the eVTOL can also work for driving the truck and vice-versa. It can also be turned into a camping van. There is a cargo hold for folding chairs, a tent, sunshades, and even a picnic table. 

Xpeng eVTOL front 3/4 view
Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL | Xpeng

Xpeng says the LAC is still under development but that it fully intends to put the truck into production. Beyond the information we have here and images, Xpeng isn’t saying much else. While we look forward to the day we can all fly to work in our personal flying cars

Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL with tent and camping supplies
Xpeng six-wheel SUV with flying eVTOL | Xpeng

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A rig such as this is much more adventuresome but also more complex to develop and then produce. But blending these two forms of transportation covers all of the bases for what might be an exciting peek at future mobility. The future is coming faster than you can imagine, based on the promise the LAC offers.