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In a shift from what you can call traditional electric-powered Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) flying cars, this one from China’s GAC Group separates the flying EV car part from the wheeled part. So the flying body of the Gove uses the four-wheel platform as a base, meaning you’re never hauling around the heavy wheels, sheet metal, and running gear once you take to the skies. 

But not to be limiting, if you need wheels after you fly to your destination, you can also carry the base. And with GAC behind it, it’s the fifth-largest auto manufacturer in China. So this is no startup pipe dream. 

When and where was the GOVE flying EV car maiden voyage?

GAC eVTOL flying car with woman
GAC eVTOL flying car | GAC Design

And there’s nothing more to strengthen that manufacturing and development strength than the accompanying video on GAC’s website. It shows the flying portion’s seamless maiden voyage. Of course, GAC is into more than transportation. It is also deeply into related technologies that tie into its vehicles, like fast chargers.

At the end of last month, GAC flew the GOVE flying car at its Tech Day Event. It incorporates an autonomous ADiGO-Pilot system, meaning it is flown autonomously. And not to alarm you, it also features a dual backup multi-rotor flight system. So the navigation is done in the base, which controls the detachable top. 

Will the GOVE flying EV car look more like a car in the future?

GAC eVTOL flying car on display
GAC eVTOL flying car | GAC Design

So that in itself separates (no pun intended) this approach from other eVTOL flying EV cars we’ve seen so far. The base communicates with the flying pod to control its flight. If there is an issue with this communication or a malfunction with other systems in the GOVE, redundant systems take over. 

Now, keep in mind that this is just a Beta version of the GOVE. We expect that future versions will better integrate the pod with the base. When that happens, this rig should look much more like a car than its somewhat dorky proportions present now. 

As we’ve seen, a gang of startups are developing their own flying EV cars of all shapes and stripes. And this development is taking a lot of time to wind through the regulatory and safety aspects of certification. So none of these efforts are exactly close to mass use. 

…as we inch closer to a Jetsons’ future

GAC eVTOL flying car side view lit up
GAC eVTOL flying car | GAC Design

But at this stage, it is interesting and exciting to view all of the different configurations and physical features. Right now, it’s like the Wild West. We don’t know how these disparate approaches will ultimately manifest into a certain norm or will continue to develop in a linear fashion.

But we’re much closer to that Jetsons reality of flying cars traveling effortlessly above cities and suburbs, cutting down the time and effort of personal transportation. Could electric cars, which automakers are furiously developing now, be just a stepping stone to autonomous flying cars? Stay tuned.


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