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Alauda Airspeeder
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Airspeeder Flying Cars Complete 250th Test Flight: It’s Coming!

First off, the Airspeeder flying cars are more than just that, they’re flying electric race cars with a series being planned around them. Last May, we told you about testing that was set to begin. A lot has happened since then, including the Airspeeder’s 250th test flight. Racing cars and racing airplanes have been a …

The Coaxial Versatile Modular Tilt-Rotor All-Terrain Vehicle You Need

Forget about four-wheel steering and electric powertrains, the next big thing is Coaxial Versatile Modular Tilt-Rotor All-Terrain Vehicles. To shorten it, let’s call it an OmniRotor. This one is a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) so it’s small, but the flying vehicle can be scaled up. Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) abilities like a quadrotor could …