Autonomous vehicles have been the source of excitement and controversy. Some are fully autonomous, like Waymo, offering rides in San Francisco. Many are currently in development, especially within the commercial sphere, with Walmart and Ford teaming up to create an AI-based delivery system, taxis converting to fully autonomous, and other commercial uses.

However, it costs money even for manufacturers with upcoming autonomous cars, such as Lucid. With Tesla, it is the same way. It is not free. Still, with the DMV approving commercial autonomous vehicles, it makes many curious precisely what it means to be autonomous.

There are five different levels, with one being limited autonomy and five fully autonomous with no need for a driver’s attention. With autonomous vehicles being controversial regarding safety, it is hard to see a world where most cars are at a level five. Still, with the quick advancements in technology every day, it isn’t easy to judge when it will happen.

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