Many manufacturers have shown off their abilities through concept cars. Most of them never make it to the production car. They are designed to show off the manufacturers’ ideas to see the public’s reaction before attempting to see if it is possible to implement the concept to the public. You have futuristic concepts like the Audi Gransphere, the Volkswagen ID.Life, and the Genesis X concept.

Comparing vehicles to concepts can be enjoyable as well. For example, how does the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette compare to the Indy concept? Or what a Bentley truck be like, and is it even an option for the future? There are also concepts that people wish were in production and wondered what happened to them, like the DS Aero Sport Lounge and the Jeep Hurricane. Despite these concepts never reaching production, you can still buy certain concepts, such as an Alfa Romeo BAT concept. These concept cars are interesting to see, and most wish to see many of these in the future.

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