The Genesis X Concept Is a Stunning Look Into the Brand’s Future

Offering luxury on a budget is one thing, but Genesis also pairs it with serious style. Enough style for a fair few publications to compare the Korean marque’s designs to Bentleys. But, like any automaker, Genesis has to evolve and update its vehicles from time to time. And thanks to the new Genesis X Concept, we have a rough idea of what the future holds.

The 2021 Genesis X Concept picks up where the Essentia left off

The green 2021 Genesis X Concept parked overlooking a sandy beach
2021 Genesis X Concept | Genesis

The appeal of a vehicle’s design is always in the eye of the beholder. Still, it’s difficult to describe the 2021 Genesis X Concept as anything other than ‘stunning.’ And despite being a concept, some of its design elements are based on the brand’s current lineup, Road & Track reports.

For example, the 2021 Genesis X Concept has the brand’s pentagon-shaped grille and double-stacked headlights. And the “two-line” theme found on the GV80 and G80 is also sprinkled around the coupe, Car and Driver reports. It’s on the fenders, the C-pillars, the front lighting, and in the taillights. The Genesis X Concept’s side-view cameras (rather than mirrors) and center-lock wheels, though, are unique touches, MotorTrend reports.

The brown-and-green-leather interior of the 2021 Genesis X Concept
2021 Genesis X Concept interior | Genesis

Despite the coupe’s sloping roofline, the 2021 Genesis X Concept has enough room to comfortably fit four adults, Roadshow reports. And the interior itself is striking.

It’s a ‘driver-focused’ design, Automobile reports, with the center console tiled towards the driver. It also merges with the gauge cluster in one smooth swoop. The Genesis X further emphasizes the driver with contrasting colors of leather: the driver gets tan, everyone else gets green. Speaking of leather, it’s upcycled, Motor1 reports.

The dark-gray 2018 Genesis Essentia Concept in a studio
2018 Genesis Essentia Concept | Genesis

However, as stylish as the 2021 Genesis X Concept is, it’s not the brand’s first concept coupe. Back in 2018, Genesis showed off the Essentia, which Automobile crowned ‘Concept of the Year.’ And while the two concepts aren’t identical, they at least have a familial resemblance.

Oh, and they’re both EVs. Or rather, they could become EVs.

There could be an electric powertrain beneath the Genesis X Concept’s stylish sheet metal

The rear 3/4 view of the green 2021 Genesis X Concept with its lights on at night
2021 Genesis X Concept rear 3/4 | Genesis

Because it’s a concept, the 2021 Genesis X doesn’t have an installed powertrain. But the company does describe the car as “all-electric” in official press material. And while we understandably don’t have any specs, Genesis claims the coupe is “a ‘high-performance EV,’” The Drive reports.

That’s another thing it shares with the 2018 Genesis Essentia. Or, more accurately, one thing it could have shared with the Essentia. Although Genesis envisioned the Essentia as an all-electric car, a production version could have used a hydrogen fuel cell, Car and Driver reports. We say ‘could’ because, despite initial speculation and positive reception, Genesis wasn’t necessarily pursuing production, Autoblog reports.

And unfortunately, Genesis seems to have shelved the notion of building a two-door four-seater electric GT. Although the Korean brand does have an EV in the works, it will likely be a crossover, MT reports.

It’s not coming to production, but it will influence production

That’s not to say the 2021 Genesis X Concept couldn’t make it to production in the future. MT muses that it “might be the watered-down EV GT offshoot of the Essentia’s original moonshot.” And Autoblog points out that Genesis could use the 2022 Kia EV6’s platform to underpin the coupe. That’s what Audi did with the Porsche Taycan platform to make the e-tron GT.


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But even if Genesis doesn’t make a production-spec X, the coupe’s design will influence future vehicles. Not just the visual aspects, but also things like its sustainably sourced interior materials, Top Gear reports. So, while we might not get an X coupe, we might get something that’s just as stunning.

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