Art Students Imagine the 2040 Lincoln Quiet Flight Lineup of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

As with all sectors of life, time is changing the automotive industry in a big way. The most notable change is the pressure for car manufacturers to produce all-electric vehicles. Several automakers have pledged to produce an all-electric lineup, including Lincoln. In fact, Lincoln plans to have an all-electric lineup by 2030, with its first EV debuting in 2022 to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Students at the ArtCenter College of Design created a four-car Quiet Flight lineup of concept cars that includes vehicles of varying sizes, exemplifying the future of electric vehicles. 

Lincoln partners with the ArtCenter College of Design

The Lincoln Quiet Flight Teaser Image from the ArtCenter College of Design
The Lincoln Quiet Flight Teaser Image | Ford Motor Company

The Lincoln Motor Company Media Center recently revealed the results of a recent project. The ArtCenter College of Design in Southern California is famous for innovative car design, and Lincoln is lucky enough to have a close working partnership with them. This year Lincoln’s executives and ArtCenter challenged a select group of students to envision what cars would be like in 2040. The groups comprised students from multiple areas of expertise, including entertainment design, illustration, film making, and animation.

The cutting-edge project challenged the ArtCenter students to envision what cars would look like in the near future and the environment in which they would exist and function. Lincoln hoped to create vehicles that aimed to help people and their lives before all else. To do this, students received instructions to construct stories based on the company’s goal image: Quiet Flight.

Quiet Flight model details

Lincoln’s Quiet Flight project asked for four vehicles. The vehicles included a two-passenger model, a four-passenger model, a four-passenger model with elevated ride height, and a six-passenger model. Each vehicle was portrayed via a film story. Ford and Lincoln’s executives gathered over Zoom to watch the stories unfold, and the vehicles unveiled and were impressed by what they saw.

The ArtCenter students rose to their challenge. Advanced technology was a common theme across all four models presented. The story featuring the four-door sedan showed a couple reminiscing about an earlier road trip while the car showed them pictures from their previous adventure. The SUV presented by the students promised even more technological advancements, including touchscreen windows. 

Another common feature across the future models was automation. The first car was a two-door car that was so autonomous that a person with paraplegia could drive it. Not only did the car’s pedals disappear into a firewall, but the driver’s wheelchair was also easily stowed away in a special compartment. An even more autonomous vehicle was presented in the story featuring a luxury six-passenger vehicle. The story portrayed a band piling into a six-seater that not only drove itself but exemplified as much comfortable luxury as an upscale living room.

The future of Lincoln


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Needless to say, the Quiet Flight models designed by the ArtCenter students blew Lincoln’s executives away across the board. It was agreed the students stayed true to the company’s goals of CASE, which stands for connected, autonomous, shared, and electric. Lincoln’s president, Falotico, said, “Their concepts bring to life our core tenets of Beauty, Human, Gliding, and Sanctuary in such an experiential way and clearly show how each vehicle plays a central role in people’s daily lives.”

Indeed, the future looks bright for Ford’s luxury brand of Lincoln. Whether the ArtCenter’s stories come to fruition is yet to be seen, but Lincoln is taking giant strides in the automotive industry. Their newest SUV, the 2021 Lincoln Corsair, is an impressive addition to the Lincoln lineup. Not only is it the definition of modern luxury, but the plug-in hybrid model is the company’s most fuel-efficient SUV to date. Meanwhile, other Lincoln models like the MKZ are making great strides in improving the image and appeal of Lincoln’s brand. Therefore, it is clear that Lincoln plans to continue to produce quality vehicles for years to come.