Ultra-Sharp Ford Evos Shows Us What a Fusion Replacement Could Look Like

The Ford Evos broke cover recently at the Shanghai auto show as a very stylish bit of forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, this China-only model won’t make it into the U.S. car market. Despite this, the Ford has generated a ton of buzz worldwide thanks to its ultra-sharp styling.

While it is technically a car, this Evos certainly is leaning heavily into the direction of a station wagon or crossover. According to Car and Driver, there is cause for celebration. That’s because this model might preview what a replacement to the Fusion could look like.

Is the Ford Evos a station wagon or a crossover?

It isn’t easy to pin the Ford Evos to one body style. That’s because this model combines many popular elements into one design that sits on the fence of multiple segments. For starters, its doors are quite tall like you’d expect in a crossover. However, it remains relatively close to the ground like a standard sedan.

Looking toward the rear, we see a sloping roofline commonly used by coupe-style SUVs. However, its long roof and hatch are also quite reminiscent of a station wagon. Despite trying to accomplish so many different looks, it all comes together quite cohesively in photos.

One thing that is quite evident from the front end is the massive grille and air intakes. As a result, Car and Driver report that we’re likely not looking at an EV. While this might seem like a small detail, it could create room for it in other markets worldwide.

This could be the replacement for the discontinued Fusion

An image of the Ford Evos at an auto show.
Ford Evos via Getty Images

The Ford Evos comes just a few years after the American carmaker decided to stop building sedans for the U.S. market specifically. Instead, the carmaker has focused solely on SUVs, sports cars, and EVs. As a result, there is a Fusion-sized hole left in the carmaker’s lineup for the U.S. To this end, Car and Driver argue that the Evos might preview a model we could see in the relatively near future.

For years, rumors have suggested that the Fusion would return as a station wagon named the Active wagon, says Car and Driver. Given the Evos’ unusual body style, it might stray just far enough into crossover territory to entice U.S. buyers. Additionally, if it houses an internal combustion powertrain, it might not step on the Mach-E’s toes. Regardless, its similar proportions might pose a problem.

When could we see a Ford Evos-inspired vehicle?

An image of the Ford Evos at an auto show.
Ford Evos | HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images

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As of writing, there is still plenty we don’t know about the Ford Evos. For example, the American carmaker hasn’t publicly stated anything regarding its engine, chassis, pricing, or arrival time. The only thing we know for sure is that it’ll arrive in China first.

Given its structural similarities to the Mach-E, we might not get this exact model in the U.S. However, if those station wagon rumors come true, the discontinued Fusion might return to steal the show.