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Dogs provide their owners with loyal companionship day in and day out. Whether a friendly nuzzle or a game of fetch, canines make life better. However, some pets have an intense fear of loud noises like thunder and fireworks. So, Ford used its vehicle sound-reduction technology to create a noise-canceling dog kennel. Here’s a look at the innovative idea from the American auto giant that also brought us Pet Mode in the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E.

Ford’s noise-canceling dog kennel shields pets from loud sounds like fireworks and thunder

Ford Dog Kennel Garden
Ford’s noise-canceling dog kennel | Ford Motor Company

Sometimes, raucous sounds or harsh weather make dogs run and hide. Causing fear and anxiety in some animals, these disturbances are one of the few negatives of owning a pet. Beyond that, when animal companions feel fear, owners can feel the same way. But Ford devised a solution.

Using technology found in cars and noise-canceling headphones, the automaker saw a way to reduce fear-inducing sounds. Instead of using only insulation to block or filter noise, Ford’s concept kennel cancels unpleasant noises. When the kennel’s interior microphones detect fireworks, a built-in audio system plays opposing frequencies. Ford also used high-density cork, known for its soundproofing properties, to insulate the kennel. That reduces the commotion, making for a calmer, happier pet.

Ford gleaned the technology from its Edge SUV, which detects engine and transmission noise and then cancels it using the sound system.

“We wondered how the technologies we use in our cars could be applied to help in other situations,” Lyn West, a brand content manager for Ford of Europe, said in a 2018 Ford press release. “Could dogs enjoy quieter New Year’s Eve celebrations through the application of our Active Noise Control system? We have a few more ideas in progress as to how our everyday lives might benefit from a little Ford know-how.”

The triangular structure looks like a space-age doghouse. It boasts a sound-dampening automatic glass door, soundproof ventilation, and an anti-vibration riser. However, it’s only a prototype. The kennel is the first concept in a series of initiatives Ford calls “Interventions,” applying automotive tech to solve everyday problems.

Modern cars create a quiet driving experience

Today’s vehicles are better than ever at insulating their cabins from road, wind, and engine noise. Credit that to innovations that reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Here are a few ways car companies make a quiet driving experience:

  • Acoustic glass filters out external sounds, creating a more peaceful driving environment. It works by laminating two pieces of glass with a sound-blocking membrane.
  • Hybrid cars and EVs bring the advantage of quieter driving, thanks to their electric motors purring instead of making a booming engine exhaust note. For instance, when a Mustang Mach-E or F-150 Lightning drives by, you’ll notice the hushed whir of its battery-powered setup.
  • Also, good old-fashioned insulation helps block and reduce noise from the engine, driveline, and tires. When you ride in a well-insulated vehicle, the road passes in near-silence, without the usual harsh sounds of the pavement.

Ford has over a century of car-making know-how. And the company put that expertise to use with its prototype noise-canceling dog kennel. This tranquil refuge from fireworks, thunderstorms, and other rackets reduces pets’ stress. Furthermore, it calls attention to how quiet today’s vehicles have become. They make every ride easier, from grocery runs to road trips.