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Pets are a part of the family, and many people believe their pets should be able to travel with them wherever they go. Admittedly, it’s also fun for our pets to ride in our cars so that we don’t leave them behind. But the downside is that pets require plenty of travel essentials. Even a short trip can make a mess in your vehicle. That is unless you have a few car accessories that pet lovers should never do without.

We’ve compiled a list of six handy products to make traveling with your pets easier for you, them, and your vehicle.

1. Pet-safe car seat covers

Pet car accessories: A pet dog hanging out a car's rear window
A pet dog hanging out a car’s rear window | Rouelle Umali/Xinhua via Getty Images

Muddy paws, shedding fur, and even accidents will not be a problem with a car seat cover designed for pets. They are made with heavy-duty, water-resistant material and can create a hammock for pets to rest. There are even storage compartments in some of these seat covers for storing other pet-care necessities.

Another option to keep pet hair and fur off your upholstery is a pet car seat.

2. Travel bags for your pet

A brown poodle in a car - pet car accessories
A brown poodle in a car | Ezra Acayan/Getty Images

When in the car with your pet, traveling to visit friends or family over long distances, boredom can be a problem. With a travel bag for them, you can lessen the risk by packing up their favorite toys, their leash, favorite foods, snacks, and anything else that they may need. As a bonus, some even come with collapsible water and food bowls, HGTV reports.

3. Portable folding dog ramps for cars, trucks, and SUVs

For some dogs, especially small ones, getting in and out of cars can be tough. It can also be difficult for you if the dog is a larger breed. Pet ramps make it easier for everyone. From older dogs that might have difficulty jumping to puppies that cannot jump high enough to get in, everyone could use pet ramps.

4. Portable dog water bottles with pet waste bag holders

Much the same as you enjoy having a drink in a hot car, your pet will appreciate it as well. Pet water bottles will make it easier. The water bottle dispenses into a bowl so that they can get their fill. You can safely use these products in the car or when you stop for a break.

And, of course, drinking means nature may call during your trip. So carrying a pet waste bag holder in the car is a must.

5. Car air fresheners or purifying air bags

On long trips with pets, your car can begin to smell like them, even if your beloved pet is clean. To help, air-purifying bags can absorb foul odors. Many of the ones approved for use with pets are filled with nontoxic, natural deodorizers such as bamboo, so you never have to worry.  

6. Collapsible travel water cups for pets

If you have limited space in your car for pet-care products, consider small collapsible travel water cups. You can use them anywhere and store them even in small vehicles.

8 tips for safe driving with pets

Traveling safely with a pet can be a challenge. It’s important to care for your pet and plan for their needs along the way, especially on longer trips. Some advice to make road trips easier:

  1. Take smaller trips to prepare for a longer one
  2. Plan a route that includes pet-friendly stops
  3. Find pet-friendly lodging before you head out
  4. Pack your pet’s essentials (toys, food, water, snacks, cleaning wipes, waste bags, etc.)
  5. Exercise your pet before traveling (a tired pet will rest on the ride)
  6. Leash your pet to your car’s interior before you stop for gas or areas where they cannot safety get out of the car
  7. Do not leave your pet in a parked car for long periods
  8. Stop often in safe areas for your pet to explore

Much as you and your human children have needs on a long road trip, so do pets. To ensure a happy, safe road trip with Fluffy, you must plan for their needs.


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