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Tomika Darden

Tomika Darden started as a contributing writer for Endgame360 in 2021 and works primarily with content for Showbiz Cheat Sheet and MotorBiscuit. She’s been a freelance writer since 2012 and earned her Hubspot Marketing Certification.

Tomika is most passionate about her writing on Showbiz, since she’s a big follower of any Grey’s Anatomy news and lore. She keeps up with the latest trending TV and movies on Netflix and other streaming services. On MotorBiscuit, she focuses primarily on car maintenance and consumer interest angles. When she’s not writing for Endgame360, she freelances elsewhere including iWriter and other platforms.

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Cars submerge needing insurance claims after hurricane Ida came through.

Will Gas Prices Be Affected by Hurricane Ida?

Though for many of us Hurricane Ida is a distant memory, there are still concerns about the long-term effects, and maybe still could. Not only did it raise the risk in new or used car sales, but it also made us worry about the long-term effects of rising gas prices.
A pair of pet dogs in a car on World Animal Day
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Is It Illegal to Drive With a Pet on Your Lap?

It isn't uncommon to see someone driving along with a dog looking out the driver's seat window rather than in the back with a pet carrier. However, it does make us question whether driving with a pet on your lap is safe. Beyond that, is driving with a dog in your lap legal or not?
A woman undergoing an eye exam and having her eyes dilated
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Is It Illegal to Drive After Getting Your Eyes Dilated?

An eye exam means they will likely dilate your eyes. This procedure affects your eyesight so heavily that you may need help to get home. The question is whether eye dilation is allowed in terms of car safety. So, is it legal to drive after eye dilation?