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We all love our pets, but one thing we could do without is their shedding. Pet hair gets all over everything it touches and sometimes it seems like all your fluffy dog needs to do is simply look at your car and suddenly the seats are covered in hair. Luckily, there are a few quick and easy ways to remove pet hair from your car. Here are a few of our favorites.

Start with the basics

Start with a strong vacuuming session. This will get rid of any loose, flyaway hairs that haven’t worked their way into the weave of the fabric yet. Use either a stick attachment on your vacuum or invest in a handheld one. Either way, you’ll get that top layer off and already feel a little better about how things are looking.

Next, try out a lint roller on easy-to-reach areas of your seats and floors. Lint rollers do a good job with pet hair, as well as grabbing any additional fuzzes or loose dirt. Use duct tape if you don’t have a lint roller lying around – you’ll get the same results. It’s also not a bad idea to keep a lint roller in your glove compartment to catch any pet hairs that stick to your clothes!

Now, let’s get down to business

Once you’ve got the easy-to-get hair out of the way, you can really see how embedded the rest is when it gets weaved into the fabric. One of the most tried-and-true methods to get rid of pet hair is rubber. Put on some rubber gloves and rub your hands through the creases of your seats.

The hair should cling to the gloves, pulling it up as you move your hand around. A rubber-bladed squeegee would work, as well. Just rub it across your seats and remove the hair as you go.

An inflated balloon is another creative method to remove pet hair. Rub a balloon around on your seats and floors, and watch as the static from the balloon attracts hair to it, making it cling. You can wipe the hair right off of it and reuse it a bunch of times.

A dryer sheet can also be used to attract pet hair. Simply wipe it around your seats and the hair should stick right to it. Even better is the scent your car with pick up if you go through a few of them in your hair removal process.

Pet hair still sticking around? Let’s up the ante

Arm yourself with a pumice stone, fabric softener, water, spray bottle, and a small bucket. Mix together a solution of 7-parts fabric softener to 1-part water and fill your spray bottle. Fill your small bucket with water to rinse off the pumice stone between uses.

Spray the fabric softener solution on your seats, not allowing it to be too saturated, then rub the pumice stone across your seats and floor in one direction. The fabric softener should help release embedded pet hairs, and the rough surface of the pumice stone will make the hair stick to it.

To ensure you have none hiding out anywhere, grab a wire brush and get into any small crevices in your car. Do this after the pumice stone method, to take advantage of any remaining fabric softener that may still be working to pull up the hair.

Ultimately, pet hair is a battle that you may never completely win. Every time your pet hops in, they’ll most likely leave a few little wisps of hair in your car. Use these tips to avoid the headache that comes with the pet hair, but remember that it’s all worth it to adventure with your best buddy!