5 Reasons Why You Should Get Window Tinting on Your Car

Your car is part and parcel of your life. For many, more time is spent driving than at home. This is why you should make sure that your pick offers you the maximum in terms of car safety and comfort features. Contrary to conventional wisdom, clear car windows are not the best. Note that it is illegal to tint the entire windshield in all states except North Dakota and Ohio. Therefore, before getting your windows tinted, it is important to check your state’s legislation. Still, there are many benefits of getting a window tint on your car, which we will detail below.

Five top benefits of tinting your car windows

A man performing a window tinting service with a heat gun
A man performing a window tinting service | Harold Hoch/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

1. Protection of your car’s interior

It is common knowledge that exposing your car poses a risk to its interior.  Sun rays are enough to cause major damage to your expensive leather seats. This can happen in just a year, making you incur avoidable expenses.

Notwithstanding whether the material of your seats is leather, cloth, or vinyl, discoloration happens when the interior of your car is exposed to the sun. Investing in car window tints will help maintain your car’s interior, as a properly installed window tint reduces the glare of the sun entering your vehicle.

2. Protection from UV radiation

Sunlight doesn’t pose a risk to your car’s interior alone. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are also a health risk to you. After all, most skin cancers are caused by exposure to harmful UV rays. Many people ignore the fact that damage to the skin can happen in the comfort of your car. According to Rayno Film, window tints can protect you from 99% of UV radiation from the sun while you drive.

3. Reduce glare

Few things are more annoying than driving when the sun’s glare is right on your face. First and foremost, this is a high-risk safety issue, according to AAA Exchange. The glare from the sun can affect visibility on the road, causing squinting that distracts you from other motorists.  Glare can also cause migraines, which could be avoided by having your car tinted.

4. Tinting enhances your safety and privacy

Most car owners are oblivious to the safety aspect of tinted windows. In case of a collision, the tint film offers an extra layer of protection, especially when the impact breaks or cracks your window.  By holding the shattered glass in place, tint films protect you from major cuts and bruises.

Additionally, without tint on your car windows, passersby will see not only the occupants of the vehicle but also any valuables carried inside. This increases the chances of burglars breaking in and stealing. According to Scorpion Window Film, getting auto window tinting increases your privacy levels.

5. You get a sharper look

There is no other way to put this.  Getting your car windows tinted gives it some attitude and improves its overall appearance. It revamps its look, increasing its future resale value. There are different window tint strengths to choose from, and the stronger the tint, the cooler your car will look.

Hire professionals to do the work for you

While there are many do-it-yourself car tinting videos on the internet, it is important to hire the services of a professional company, according to Car and Driver.  Doing it on your own will result in an unprofessional job. Any slight mistake and you’ll have to redo the entire process, piling up unnecessary costs.

The bottom line


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There are your five reasons why you should get window tinting on your car. Most people tint the car windows solely for aesthetic purposes. However, as you have learned today, there are many other important benefits to having tint on the windows of your car. If you are wondering, “Is it necessary to get my car windows tinted?” The five factors we have highlighted above should help you make an informed decision.