When Are They Going to Build a Bentley Truck?

The popularity of standard passenger cars like sedans has been decreasing over the years. All the while, SUVs and pickup trucks are more popular than ever, and the best selling vehicle in America fits the bill as a Ford F-150. With all of the luxury brands finally make the move to build SUVs to fit the ever-growing niche in the market, we’ve seen some incredible vehicles hit the road, like the Lamborghini Urus, one of the world’s first super SUVs. Does that mean it is inevitable for these high-end brands, like Bentley, to make moves into the pickup truck market, too?

A new market for luxury

You may have once thought of pickup trucks as minimal, work-oriented vehicles, but the past several decades have proven otherwise. While remaining just as capable and practical as ever, many popular truck brands have adopted more luxuries than ever before, some of them ranging upwards in price of many luxury SUVs even. Even the more standard options like the Ram 1500 prove there is interest in having a luxury vehicle combined with the practicality of a truck bed.

A photo of the Bentley Bentayga on the road.
Bentley Bentayga Speed | Bentley

Why would it be Bentley?

It started as a song lyric that launched a handful of concept cars of what a Bentley pickup truck might look like. For the most part, we imagine that a truck with the Bentley name would look somewhat similar to the brand’s SUV, the Bentayga, but with the addition of a truck bed. So why Bentley? Perhaps it has to do with the prestige of the brand’s name, or perhaps it just seems to be that Bentley is ahead of the curve. Releasing the SUV in late 2015, it was one of the first SUVs for a brand of its caliber.

“When they gonna make that Bentley truck”

2 Chainz

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A luxury pickup truck

There has been no indication that Bentley has any plans of making a pickup truck any time in the future, but that won’t stop us from hoping it will happen. While no other luxury brand currently offers a pickup truck, there is a clear market for one in the US, though the most known attempt was the failed Lincoln Mark LT. But the Lincoln brand itself was dying out, and we can take that factor into account.

A photo of the Bentley Bentayga on the road.
Bentley Bentayga Speed | Bentley

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With the increasing popularity of pickup trucks and the dwindling market, it only stands to reason that we would eventually get some luxury pickup truck options. Whether it will be Bentley or another brand, however, only time can tell.