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Gary Ackerman enters his 1966 Plymouth Valiant

What Was Plymouth’s Last Car?

Many different car brands have existed over the years. Some are barely known or remembered, others live on, and some have histories that ended somewhat recently. The Plymouth brand lasted until 2001 and has been joined by other defunct brands like Scion from Toyota. Here's a look at Plymouth and its very last Plymouth Neon.
An image of a Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible parked outdoors.

Ultra-Rare $6.5 Million Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Is 1 of 12

To say that the collector muscle car market is on fire would be an understatement. Today we're looking at one of the rarest muscle cars of the 1970s with this Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible. Part of what makes this car special is that it is only one of 12 ever produced. It's going up for auction, and estimates say it could sell for over $6 million.