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Have you ever unleashed your inner beast? If you’ve pushed the limits of your driving talents in one of the sports cars made to handle the limitations of physics, you probably have. Sports cars are made to be driven hard, tossed around through corners, accelerated quickly, and give us the adrenaline thrill that’s typically missing from our daily lives. Unfortunately, these five sports cars should have never made it on the road.

Hyundai launched the Tiburon too early for it to be a serious sports car

Blue Hyundai Tiburon on a track
Hyundai Tiburon | Hyundai

The Hyundai Tiburon gave us an attractive build and relatively active powertrain, but it was a Hyundai. Unfortunately, it launched at a time when we still viewed this brand as a bargain name that hadn’t quite caught on yet. While the Tiburon was an ok car, it wasn’t splashy enough to be among the sports cars we talk about and admire, according to Motor 1. If Hyundai launched a new version now, it might be successful, but that doesn’t seem to be the plan for this brand.

The Plymouth Prowler fooled us as one of the worst sports cars ever made

Red and Black Plymouth Prowler; looks cool but is one of the worst sports cars ever made
Plymouth Prowler | Wiki Commons

The Plymouth Prowler looked incredible. It took the classic roadster build and put some modern touches on it to give this car a look that should have put it at the top of the list. Unfortunately, the engine was a V6 that came from the Dodge Intrepid. Instead of one of the amazing Hellcat or SRT engines we see today, the Prowler was mired with slow acceleration taking drivers from 0-60 mph in five working days.

Ford never hit the mark with the Probe

Ford Probe Promo Image
Ford Probe | Ford

When the Ford Probe first arrived on the scene, it was an impressive car and could possibly be the replacement for the Ford Mustang (as if). Unfortunately, although a pretty good sports car, the Probe couldn’t touch the Mustang sales. The 24V version of this car was pretty cool, but in the end, the Ford Probe was one of the sports cars doomed to the junkyard as soon as it left the lot.

The Eagle Talon should have done a lot better

Black Eagle Talon Posed
Eagle Talon | Wiki Commons

Chrysler bought AMC and launched the Eagle brand with several AMC models. The Eagle Talon was one of them. The Talon was a pretty good sports car for the time. It came with an AWD layout, a turbocharged engine, and an affordable price. In fact, the Talon was better than some sports cars that cost twice as much. Unfortunately, the Eagle brand didn’t take off, and the cheaply-built Talon turned many shoppers away.

One of the worst sports cars ever made was the Ford Mustang II King Cobra

Ford Mustang II King Cobra
Ford Mustang II King Cobra | Ford

Give it all the fancy and aggressive naming you want; this version of the Mustang was nothing more than a dolled-up Pinto. In fact, the Ford Mustang II King Cobra build gave us a V8 in a Ford Pinto body. This created an extremely unreliable car with terrible build quality. You can’t find many of these cars today because most of them went where they belong, to the junkyard.

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This article was updated on 4/24/2023.

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