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1966 Ford Mustang Fastback

Here’s What Classic Cars Would Cost Today

It’s always fun to look back and see what some of our favorite American cars sold for new, and what that same price would be in 2019 dollars. Actually, it might make you sick to see what some prized classic cars would cost today. Of course, new cars have electronics, much tighter tolerances, three-stage paint, …
Muscle Cars

Fastest Classic Muscle Cars Of All Time

We’ll start out by saying there will be a lot of debate about this list of the fastest muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Part of the problem comes from the special cars manufacturers back-doored to racers, where 30 or maybe 50 of them were produced. Should they be on this list? How about …

Kevin Hart’s 1970 Barracuda Totaled In Crash

The resto-mod 1970 Barracuda actor Kevin Hart just took delivery of was totaled in a crash just before 1:00 AM Sunday morning. According to the California West Valley Highway Patrol police report the crash happened on Mulholland Highway and Cold Canyon Road. It says the driver lost control and veered off of the road at …