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We live in one of the strangest and most exciting times for automotive enthusiasts. On the one hand, we see endless renders of insane cars that should never exist and real-world builds of fantastic cars that we never dreamed would exist. This is all happening amid the most inflated car market of our lifetimes. This 1958 Plymouth Fury dually build is one of the craziest custom cars we have ever seen. Not only does it exist, but it can devour Moab trails with the best of them. It perfectly shows the full range of insanity our market is experiencing. You know it’s gotten bad when building a more evil Christine car is a better bet than just buying a new regular pickup truck. 

Stephen King’s Christine could have been a lot scarier

The Plymouth Fury would likely have faded away into relative obscurity if it weren’t for the Stephen King Horror novel Christine. In the book, a young nerdy kid gets a ratty old 1958 Plymouth Fury with plans to restore it. The further into the build he gets, the more obsessed he becomes. The car eventually gets finished, but local bullies vandalize the car. The Christine car begins to magically repair itself and develops a taste for human blood in the process. 

In the novel, the main character must eventually destroy the demonic Plymouth Fury. This proved to be fairly difficult. However, imagine how much harder this would have been if the Fury in the novel had a 12-valve Cummins diesel with a dually conversion. 

1958 Plymouth Fury custom

This off-road Fury is a masterpiece. Despite being one of the better-looking cars of its generation, this one has also been built to hell and back. The Fury and its off-road-built Mustang companion are traveling with a herd of Broncos on the infamous Moab trails. Using the accompanying Broncos as a benchmark, the Plymouth and its wacky Mustang friend must be decent off-roaders because they keep up the 4x4s without many problems. Motor1 points out that there is one instance where the Plymouth Fury had to give its pal a little nudge to get its fuel tank past a bump. 

How can you turn a Plymouth Fury into an off-road vehicle? 

1958 Plymouth Fury climbing rock hill at Moab we are more impressed by this than the car from Christine.
Plymouth Fury at Moab | YouTube: Farm Fresh Fabrication

The video isn’t just shots of the unlikely off-roaders mashing around on Moab trails; there is a story behind it all. The owner of the Fury acquired it after helping a family clear some stuff out of their junkyard. The former owner already built the Plymouth this way to move stuff around the yard. 

You might think the coolest part of this car is the dually conversion (it’s pretty damn cool), but the real coolest part is hidden. In order to better push things around the junkyard, the previous owner also added a second transmission with super low gearing to use the Cummins’ grunt. If the Cummins, dually, and second low-range transmission weren’t enough, the builder also ran the Plymouth’s exhaust directly up through the hood. Damn, that’s cool. 

There really isn’t much more to say about this build without getting too far into the weeds. I recommend simply watching the video and enjoying every second of the fact that this 1958 Plymouth Fury isn’t the car from Christine controlled by a demonic spirit that’s trying to kill you.