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Car commercials have always been a huge factor in the marketing of new vehicles. Car commercials and celebrity endorsements are a highly effective way for the manufacturers to inform the general public, not only about new vehicle models but also recently updated models. Commercials also help the company with branding. Most importantly, a memorable car commercial improves sales.

The best car commercials are the ones people continue talking about years after they stopped airing.

Plymouth Roadrunner vs. the Roadrunner

One of the best car commercials of all time is celebrating its 50th birthday. The commercial was created to promote the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. To help showcase the vehicle’s performance, the popular cartoon Roadrunner and Wiley E. Coyote were enlisted. The animated commercial alludes to the idea that the reason the popular Roadrunner always got the best of Coyote was because he traveled in a Plymouth Roadrunner.

The commercial was so popular, that the Roadrunner and Coyote returned to help promote a Plymouth sale

Audi takes on old luxury

When it comes to promoting vehicles during the Super Bowl, car manufacturers always go the extra mile. Few people remember much about the 2008 Super Bowl, but everyone remembers how Audi aired a Godfather style commercial that perfectly spoofed the famous horsehead in a bed scene.

The commercial expertly showcases that Audi hoped to trigger a luxury car revolution while also creating the idea that the brand had a sly, playful side.

Dodge’s banned commercial

Dodge has the distinction of being one of the few auto companies who managed to create a car commercial that was banned for having too much innuendo.

The fact that stations refused to air the commercial likely garnered more publicity for the company’s Durango then the commercial would have if it had gotten a significant amount of airtime. Thanks to YouTube, you can still enjoy this fantastic, and suggestive, commercial. It is very funny!

Ford GT is the One

Years before Spike told Buffy Sommers that she was “The One,” Ford successfully used the term in its Super Bowl commercial which showcased its newly designed Ford GT.

The commercial is surprisingly simple for a Super Bowl commercial. It simply shows the GT barreling around a road racetrack, handling tight turns and straightaways, while a voiceover presents a few different questions. It’s a powerful and beautifully shot commercial that inspired many people to take a closer look at the GT.

Dancing Citroen C4

In terms of information, the dancing Citroen commercial isn’t a very good commercial. However, when it comes to sheer entertainment value and memorability, it can’t be topped.

Chevy used the commercial to pay homage to the Transformers. During the commercial, the minivan turns into a giant robot for no other reason than to dance. At the end of it’s routine, it shifts back into minivan role. Not only is the commercial fun, but it also breaks away from the idea that minivans are boring family vehicles.

Different countries were treated to slightly different versions of this particular car commercial. 

How effective are car commercials?

Car manufacturers spend a great deal of money on commercials, most of which are only aired for a limited amount of time, so it’s natural to wonder if the commercials actually help sales. While some car commercials perform differently than others, most manufacturers feel they are worth the effort.

A few years ago, Lincoln aired commercials starring Matthew McConaughey. The company reported that following the first commercial, sales were up an impressive 25%.

TVB and Futures Company launched a project that explored how car commercial impacted consumer behavior and found that while a good car commercial, consumers might not rush out to purchase that model, but they will spend a considerable amount of time using the internet to research it.

Which is your favorite car commercial of all time?