Unbelievable Estate Sale Uncovers Shocking Pair of Plum Crazy Purple Barn Finds

Barn finds drive us crazy over here at MotorBiscuit. The only thing better than finding one Mopar muscle car barn find is finding two. After the owners of the Plum Crazy Purple 1971 Plymouth Duster and 1971 Dodge Demon died in 2021, these cars, along with many other vehicles and parts, were shaken loose after sitting for years and offered for sale at an estate sale. If this matching pair of Mopar muscle car barn finds don’t get you up in the morning, nothing will. 

Plymouth Duster barn find in plumb crazy purple Mopar car
Plymouth Duster in Plum Crazy Purple | YouTube via The Auto Archaeologist

Not all Plum Crazy Purple barn finds are created equally 

While both are inherently cool due to the color, only one of these cars is a bonafide rarity. Again, the color makes them both quite special and rare, but the Duster isn’t a true 340 V8 car. At some point in the Duster’s life, the owner allegedly swapped engines, making the car cooler, but hurting its originality. According to The Drive, Plymouth only made 12,886 examples of the Duster with the 340 V8 in 1971. 

The 1971 Dodge Demon, on the other hand, is a properly rare, factory original car. The Demon, in this configuration, is a significantly rarer car than the Duster. Dodge only made 10,000 examples in 1971. Dodge discontinued the Demon name within a year, at least until 2018. 

Muscle cars aren’t the only barn finds

If you don’t care for purple cars for some silly reason, there are some other barn finds and parts for sale in this monster barn find estate sale. The estate includes a 1979 Dodge Warlock, a 1976 Dodge pickup truck, and a 1980 Dodge stepside pickup truck. Despite the lack of collectability from the 1980 Dodge pickup, it had a 440 V8 crammed into it. 

Silodrome mentions that all the cars for sale here have been sitting since sometime in the 1980s. As with most barn finds, these Mopar muscle cars and trucks will certainly need some work before they are road-ready. However, the two purple cars seem to be excellent candidates for restoration, given their mostly original condition and rare options. 

How much is a 1971 Plymouth Duster worth? 

The 1971 Plymouth Duster has a median price range of $15,000-$27,000. Of course, as with all things muscle car, the Duster’s value is contingent on its options, trim, and condition. As we mentioned before, this barn find Duster isn’t a factory original 340 V8, despite it having one now. This engine swap makes it cooler in certain ways yet still might hurt the value. However, the Plum Crazy Purple paint can cover a great many sins.

How much is a 1971 Dodge Demon worth? 

440 engine mopar
Dodge Demon engine | YouTube via The Auto Archaeologist

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According to Hotcars, a Dodge Dart Demon can fetch upwards of $70,000-$80,000 in the right configuration and condition. Given the factory V8 and paint color, this Dodge Demon could be one such high-value car. 

If you want a full walk-around of the cars, the Auto Archaeologist did a video walkthrough talking about these magnificent Mopar barn finds. Even once you get past the purple ones, there are still rad old cars and trucks scattered around the estate. This is a barn find for the books.