AMC Enthusiast Needed to Have the Last Eagle Built and Tracked It to the Factory

When it comes to cars that automotive fans want to see brought back, the AMC Eagle is one at the top of the list. The brand made some pretty popular vehicles, but it was phased out of the industry in the late 1980s. According to MotorTrend, AMC was so well-liked, one fan went out of their way to get a unique model from them. What happened, and what vehicle did it turn out to be?

Where did the AMC brand come from?

The new AMC Eagle introduction with American Motors president Bill Pickett
The AMC Eagle | Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images

AMC, or the American Motor Corporation, was the result of two automotive brands merging. According to HotCars, the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation consolidated with the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954 and produced vehicles under the AMC brand. 

Back then, General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford were the three biggest automakers of the day, and each one was tough to beat in the industry. However, AMC became a worthy rival due to its niche in areas where there wasn’t as much competition to contend with. 

AMC made waves with the first-ever SUV crossover built on a unibody architecture, known as the Eagle. The brand is also known for its master cylinder brakes and for taking on the Kaiser Jeep line. It turned out to be a master move for the brand because it produced the Mighty-Mite, the epitome of an off-roading vehicle. However, the brand came to an end in 1988, taking with it designs for some pretty fantastic cars. 

The quest for an AMC Eagle

There are plenty of vehicle fans out there that love seeing their favorite brands produce new cars now and then. There’s one story, however, that takes being an automotive fan to a different level. One such owner went above and beyond to get his hands on the last AMC model ever built, which turned out to be the Eagle wagon. 

Back in 1987, this particular fan went to his local AMC dealership to check out the new 1988 Eagle. He was told, however, there weren’t any available because AMC had stopped production and wasn’t going to make any more vehicles from then on. Not wanting to give up, he set out to find the very last model produced under the AMC line.

After a call to the AMC Brampton plant, he found out that the last model produced was an AMC Eagle wagon, and it was headed to Oklahoma City. He made arrangements to get to the dealership when the vehicle arrived on their lot so he could buy it from them. He signed the papers on January 19, 1988, purchased the car, and drove the last AMC model produced home. 


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There were quite a few brands that were staples in the market for quite a while until they all of a sudden disappeared from the market. One automaker you might remember is Pontiac. This brand was known for its speedier models, like the Grand Prix and the G6. The last known model produced, at least in America, was a white G6 sedan that came off the line in April of 2009.

Another automotive brand that was pretty well known back in its heyday was Mercury. While it produced many popular models, the last one built was a Grand Marquis, which rolled off the line in 2011. However, it was meant for a fleet order and so wasn’t available for customer purchase.

The Saab is a name that a few may recognize. The last model it produced is a bit of a mystery, though. With some of its convertibles finished after the company shut down and others built under the NEVS name instead of Saab, it’s hard to say exactly which one is the last ever produced. Geo is another name that many may not remember. It built an exciting lineup of small vehicles, but it quit making new vehicles by 1998 when Chevy took over. 

AMC saw many successes during its time in the automotive industry, but it had one too many struggles and had to stop producing vehicles. However, the last model ever built went to someone who cared about the brand so much that he at least wanted to save its very last vehicle.