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The Toyota Land Cruiser has been an automotive icon for decades. Its dependability and rugged reliance make it highly desirable for both customers and thieves. The Land Cruiser offers so much to anyone looking for a tough 4×4 that it is a clear winner for criminals and militant groups to steal, scrub the VIN and make it disappear. However, Toyota has just been pretty clever with how they place VIN on the new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser. 

a trio of 2022 Toyota Land Cruisers parked in a desert field
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

How can these little dots stop the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser from getting stolen?

The tiny VIN is shown at the 10:12 mark

According to CarScoops, a Russian car reviewer had the new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser and found something very interesting splattered on its chassis. During his Land Cruiser review, he pointed out these little dots and said that they were a way to keep thieves from stealing and scrubbing the VIN

At first glance, these dots are barely even visible, much less significant looking. They might even appear to be some road debris or something at first. However, if you were to take a microscope to these little spots you’d find the VIN printed on each one, written forwards and backward. 

What keeps a thief from removing the dots? 

2022 Land Cruiser VIN is within these tiny dots scattered over the chassis
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser VIN | YouTube ПриветТачка

Honestly, Toyota probably doesn’t love journalists pointing out these little hidden security stickers. Know that we know, what stops a thief from simply painting over or removing the little dots? Well, nothing really. However, the genius behind these mini VINs is that there is no telling where all Toyota has placed them throughout the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser. 

While there is nothing keeping a thief from removing these, now they all must be plagued with the idea that there are more around the truck that could get them busted at any time. As soon as a VIN is reported stolen these little dots will verify who originally owned the vehicle. 

new Land Cruiser VIN up close
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser VIN | YouTube ПриветТачка

The Land Cruiser’s legendary reputation is well earned. For decades people all over the world have trusted their Land Cruisers to get them out of a bind, the LCs deliver. Unfortunately, this ruggedness makes Land Cruisers very popular trucks for various paramilitary groups and even terrorist organizations. 

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is just a continuation of the same pluck and grit that has made the LC an off-road legend for years. The new one is more cushy and expensive than any previous model, but it’s not just soft seats that make the 2022 Land Cruiser so expensive. 

For instance, the Land Cruiser GR Sport variant was developed using feedback from drivers racing in the Dakar Rally, where the Land Cruiser has been participating in the production car category since 1995. For the 2023 Dakar Rally onwards, Toyota Auto Body will participate in the race using a vehicle based on the 300 Series GR Sport. 

With that level of intensity on tap, who could blame these militant groups for wanting to roll in something so secure and tough. Luckily, Toyota is thinking creatively about how to solve this issue. 


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