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The age of the electric vehicle (EV) is here. It seems all vehicle options are being put through the electrification process, including compact coupes, sedans, convertibles, sports cars, supercars, crossover SUVs, and even signature American pickup trucks. Kelly Blue Book recently unveiled a list of EV pickup trucks models planned for 2023 and even further into the future. Here are 11 signature pickup trucks we could see on American roads very soon.

Ford Ranger EV pickup truck models

The Ford Ranger has been a signature American compact truck and, more recently, a midsize truck. With the success the Ranger has seen in the years before and the recent success of the F150 Lightning EV, creating a Ford Ranger EV doesn’t seem farfetched. With a Ranger redesign on the horizon and Ford already announcing new light-duty EVs in the works, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see a Ford Ranger EV in the near future.

Toyota Tacoma EV pickup

According to Statista, the top-selling midsize pickup truck of 2021 is looking to implement some electric power soon. With a recent concept truck rendering featuring a closed-off grille design and the heavy push to full-electric cars with Toyota’s bZ4X, an electric pickup from Toyota shortly doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

Volkswagen Scout EV pickup truck models

A black and white sketch of the Volkswagen EV pickup truck models.
Volkswagen Scout EV truck and SUV | Getty Images

The Scout name is back. Previously used on SUVs from the company International Harvester, the Scout is a planned pickup truck from Volkswagen which will implement many shared parts as the previously mentioned Ford Ranger EV. This is due to a recent collaboration deal between Volkswagen and Ford on an EV pickup platform.

Rivian R2 EV pickup

The first Rivian to hit the market, the R1T was a trailblazer and trendsetter for future EV pickups. Rivian may aim for the smaller truck market with the R2 line of trucks, which would set the framework for a small crossover SUV as well. The Tesla Model 3 was a smaller, more affordable Tesla, and this more attainable EV made electric motoring a possibility for hundreds of thousands of drivers so far. This new, more affordable Rivian may do the same for electric trucks.

Ram 1500 EV pickup truck models

With Dodge and Chrysler’s commitment to electric muscle and luxury, it’s no surprise that the Ram 1500, one of the best-selling and most affordable full-size pickups, is expected to get the EV treatment soon. With some teaser photos offering dynamic design language changes and a rumored 500-mile range on a charge, the Ram 1500 EV is a truck we must keep our eyes on in the future.

Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup

The Silverado EV has been widely teased over the past few years. It pledges GMC Hummer EV levels of power and capability in a more affordable and mainstream-styled body. The Silverado is planning a new body, along with affordable work truck models for the Silverado EV.

Alpha Motors Wolf EV

Alpha Motor Corporation is aiming for the crowd of truck buyers nostalgic for the styling of the 80s offroaders with their Wolf pickup. While not much is known about the production Wolf so far, reservations are currently open on their website.

Canoo EV pickup truck models

If a Ford F150 Lightning is too normal looking for you in styling, maybe you are cut out for the Canoo, a cab-over EV truck that resembles a Mitsubishi Fuso more than any pickup truck we are used to seeing today. This truck has plans to release next year, but only time will tell if the dynamic styling will hold up on the market.

Lordstown Endurance

Lordstown Motors has had a rough start to business. Named after Lordstown, Ohio, where the company is headquartered, this EV truck company was started in 2018 but has yet to take off as expected. With a list of CEOs and CFOs without much result since its inception, we hope to see some positive news from the Ohio EV pickup company soon. Unfortunately, if you ever get your hands on one of these trucks, you may have to visit some interesting locations for servicing your pickup.

Atlis XT EV pickup

Another EV pickup startup company, the XT, is looking to be the first extra heavy-duty EV on the market with a 35,000-pound expected towing capacity and a 5,000-pound payload capacity. With four-wheel steering and air suspension planned, this truck hopes to deliver heavy-duty EVs to the American workforce and daily drivers.

Tesla Cybertruck

Is a list of EV pickup hopefuls complete without mentioning the Tesla Cybertruck? This idea, unveiled in 2019, was the most anticipated vehicle of the decade, but with delays pushing the truck back to 2023, we hope to see the Cybertruck hit the roads soon. 

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