Apocalyptic Survival With a Minivan Twist

With air travel slowed way down, resourceful traveling families are finding new ways to get out and live their adventure. RV sales have spiked. But should you buy or rent an RV? This new Dual Cab EarthCruiser is the perfect home on wheels––with a minivan twist

Dual Cab Exterior | EarthCruiser

The Dual Cab 4×4 rollabout tiny home can do a lot more than a mainstream RV. And, the EarthCruiser now has seats for the whole family. It has us wondering why anyone would spring for an RV when they can explore in one of these.

Is the EarthCruiser Dual Cab an RV?

Well, no. And kind of yes. The EarthCruiser follows the idea of something like an RV or van conversion. But in reality, it’s a lot cooler. The EearthCruiser EXP model uses pop-top technology to allow for shipping in a container.

An EarthCruiser overland build with the roof popped up
2020 EarthCruiser EXP side view | EarthCruiser

Dying to explore the Arctic in a 4×4 with your crew? Awesome. Not only can the EarthCruiser EXP ship to the most remote places on Earth, but it’s also designed to withstand––even thrive––in the harshest conditions. That includes your bucket list sub-zero Arctic ice fishing adventure.

The FX model is an EarthCruiser model with the same 4×4 overland capability, roughly similar design, just without the option to fold down the ceiling. In that respect, the EarthCruiser FX is more like an RV than the EXP model.

What is an EarthCruiser?

An EarthCruiser is like a minivan in that it is designed with your family in mind. It has everything you need, all the upscale comforts of home. And now, it has a few more seats. Double rows of coddling captain seats give families the ability to go anywhere and bring their favorite comfy chair along with them.

Minivan captain seats are one of the most luxurious offerings of the popular family vehicle. But that is where the EarthCruiser’s similarities with a minivan stop short. Because these overland off-roaders can do so much more.

Built on a 168.5-inch wheelbase and a full bumper to bumper measurement of 289 inches, this is a compact utility beast of an off-the-grid RV. EarthCruiser explains that this unique overlander boasts “a custom suspension system bringing unparalleled stability and control, allowing for nimble maneuvering on any trail condition.”

The EarthCruiser is like an RV, but it doesn’t need to go park in a lot infested with new-to-the-overland-camping-trip-scene folks in their monstrous RVs. With solar panels on the roof, the EarthCruiser can just drive right out into the middle of nowhere. Be it snow, forest, sand, gravel, or even city streets.

Power and capability

It is, by design, the most effective and efficient vehicle you can take your family overland in. Both the EarthCruiser Dual Cab FX and EXP models are equipped with a 2-speed Hero transfer case. That’s paired with a Dynamic Pro Series 80 axle on both the rear and the front. It also uses differential lockers to maximize your off-pavement capability.

The 6-liter V8 engine uses gasoline to create 297 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque. A 60-gallon fuel tank combines with this system to provide exceptional power and fuel economy better than the typical RV camper. Right now on the chassis of a Fuso, EarthCruiser will move onto a Chevy chassis in the end of 2021.

EarthCruiser dual cab RV with the family bikes leaning up against the cab
EarthCruiser EXP Dual Cab | EarthCruiser

RV Sales Spike During COVID-19 Lockdown

What does a crew cab mean for this overlander?

This adds a bit of a minivan twist to this off-road mixology. Combine rugged overlanding with an upscale living area, then add some extra seats for the whole family and everyone is having fun. You can take the EarthCruiser Dual Cab almost anywhere and now no one gets left behind.