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The secret is out, and we’re excited to share that the Ford F-150 Lightning is gaining an electric sibling. The Ford Ranger EV will probably be the F-150 Lightning’s baby brother, but it might not be called the Ford Ranger Lighting. Perhaps it will be the Ranger Thunder? 

The Ford Ranger EV is up next 

The Ford Ranger EV is coming
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

As the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning officially entered production, we learned interesting news. Ford CEO Jim Farley hinted that the Ford Ranger EV might be on the way. 

Farley shared, “We’re already pushing dirt down in Blue Oval City in Tennessee for another electric pickup truck that’s different than the F-150 Lightning.”

That’s a little vague, but it confirms that a new Ford EV truck will be here soon. It’s possible that it could be based on the Ford Maverick, but most of the clues point to the Ford Ranger instead. 

The new truck will be based on a next-generation option. The Ford Maverick just came out and is on a new platform, but we won’t see the next generation for a few years. But the next-generation Ford Ranger will be here for 2023. 

Also, Farley mentioned that there is an expanded lineup that we haven’t seen yet. But our eyes have been all over the Ranger and the Maverick. 

What to expect with the electric Ford Ranger 

The 2023 Ford Ranger is closely related to the Volkswagen Amarok Ford, and Volkswagen have a partnership that’s focused on electric and commercial vehicles for Europe. 

This means that there might be even more epic options like the diesel-powered Ford Ranger in other countries. 

While we’re tired of missing out on some of the fun, this thread led to more clues. Lars Krause, a Volkswagen Commerical Vehicle division member, heavily indicated that the Ford Ranger EV is happening. 

According to Ford Authority, this is because they are disappointed with the electric range of the plug-in variant. The Ford Ranger PHEV hasn’t even been revealed yet! 

Also, Ford recently reported that its currently focusing electrification efforts on vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating of fewer than 8,500 lbs. The mid-size Ford Ranger fits in that category. 

When will we learn more about the Ranger EV? 

The electric Ford Ranger is coming
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

People from Ford and Volkswagen are already spilling the beans about the Ford Ranger EV. It’s possible that we could learn more in the next few weeks. With the 2023 Ford Ranger expected to arrive in America soon, it’s the perfect time to drum up more attention. 

However, it sounds like the Ford Ranger PHEV could arrive first, especially if it led to the creation of the Ranger EV. Also, could this mean that a hybrid Ranger is also in the works?

There are a lot of clues to obsess over. Ford wants to make its entire North American lineup fully electric at some point. This is part of its $50 billion plan to transition away from gasoline powertrains. 

We will keep watch for more Ford Ranger EV clues. But that’s not the only electric truck or new hybrid vehicle on the way. Ford has a lot of plans in the works. 

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