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In an interview with Alpha Motor representatives, we’re left wondering what is going on? The company accepted The Verge’s invitation for an in-depth interview to clear up some basic questions for how Alpha plans on making what it has shown and many other question marks. So read on to see if you can figure out just what the EV company is doing because it is as clear as egg nog.

Is Alpha Motor a real car company?

Questions have surfaced about Alpha since the day it began. Its founder, Edward Lee, had been the head of another EV startup at the same business address. Neuron EV in Irvine, California, had previously shown its T-One truck concept in late-2019. Soon after, Neuron was gone and Alpha was born. So they’re basically the same company, right?

Head of business development Joshua Boyt, and head of marketing Jay Lijewski, both claim that there is no connection between the two companies. While that seems implausible, we have to go with it for now.

Then there is the question of who Boyt and Lijewski really are. According to The Verge, the two were last seen as baristas for Volvo at the New York Auto Show. While the skill sets don’t seem to be related, we’re all able to wear different hats. The definition of a barista is “a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee.” We’ll leave it at that.

Is the Wolf Truck real?

Alpha Motor Wolf
Alpha Motor Wolf EV | Alpha

Many have wondered how Alpha will soon be in production of its Wolf Electric Truck when it has no manufacturing capabilities? In the launch video about the truck, Lijewski says, “As we ramp up production lines here in the United States, we anticipate that the Wolf Electric Truck will be available by the end of 2023.” 

Besides the Wolf, Alpha has also shown the Ace coupe, Saga sedan, Jax CUV, and variations thereof. All four are based on the same design. The Wolf looks to be a fiberglass buck without any internals or mechanical capabilities. For anticipated production in less than two years, one would hope to have a more fleshed-out vehicle to view. 

What stage is the Wolf’s development at?

Alpha Motor Saga
Alpha Motor Saga sedan EV | Alpha

So where is the Wolf at in its development? “All of the vehicles that we have released are in production process.” There were comments about “our production process.” And finally, “Every one of those is within our production process,” said Boyt. When The Verge pressed further to get an idea of where the truck was at in its production process, Boyt said, “It just means that they’re all at varying degrees of the production process, but they are all in development. For sure.” 

And, of course, nothing can happen without funding. But that point also couldn’t be ascertained. “We really can’t get into that at the moment,” said Lijewski. But it is taking reservations, though it appears it doesn’t take a deposit to do so. 

How many people does Alpha Motor employ?

Alpha Motor Ace
Alpha Motor Ace coupe EV | Alpha

When queried about the size of the company, workforce, or industry engineers or technicians assisting in the development, an oblique answer was given. “I’m sure you understand the startup phase, there’s a lot of hustle and scrappy nature of building a startup that it just makes it… that’s the way it is right now,” says Lijewski. 

So what we’re left with are more questions. Alpha has revealed some cute designs that we would love to see get into production. But with this being the second stab at making an EV (as is the case with Fisker) and the unanswered questions, we have to wonder if this isn’t just so much digital magic and wishful thinking. 

There is nothing wrong with it if it is, but it is being presented as a company that can make things. So far, that doesn’t seem possible in the time frame given. Or ever. 


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