Does the Ford Raptor Have Android Auto?

The Ford F-150 is one of the most iconic trucks in American history. While the F-150 is a great work truck, it’s also a truck that comes with a lot of features and amenities. This is the same story for the Raptor, which is one of the most luxurious trims for the F-150. Here’s everything you need to know about the tech that’s available inside the Raptor

The Ford Raptor’s standard features

Because the Raptor is a more expensive and premium trim of the F-150, the Raptor comes standard with a lot of features. Most notably is the fact that the Raptor comes standard with Ford’s SYNC 3 system, and that system includes an 8-inch touchscreen display as well as compatibility with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. The standard F-150, for comparison, doesn’t have any of those features as standard. 

Furthermore, the Raptor comes with a 4.2-inch display that’s on the dashboard, according to Ford. On top of that, as U.S. News reported, the Raptor comes equipped with a 4G WiFi hotspot, a satellite radio system, as well as Ford’s own hands-free communications system. As U.S. News said, all of these high-tech features were very easy to use. 

Other smart or simply convenient features that the Raptor comes with includes, but is not limited to, a keyless entry system, rear parking aid, and powered mirrors and doors. Ford also offers dynamic hitch assist for the Raptor as standard, but that’s also a standard option on the regular F-150 as well. Dynamic hitch assist makes it easier to hitch a trailer onto the Raptor.

The Ford Raptor’s optional features

While the Raptor is one of the more premium trims that Ford offers, it still has plenty of options for upgrades. For instance, that 4.2-inch dashboard display can be upgraded to an 8-inch display, according to Ford. The sound system of the Raptor can also be upgraded to a premium, 10-speaker sound system. 

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Another significant upgrade option is in the camera system of the Raptor. The Raptor can be equipped with a 360-degree camera system, and this system can be useful in a lot of situations, from work-related ones to parking-related ones. Other smart features that Ford offers on the Raptor, according to U.S. News, includes rain-sensing wipers that can detect when it’s raining, a universal garage door opener, and a navigation system. 

The Ford Raptor’s smart safety features

The F-150, including the Raptor, comes standard with a lot of smart safety features. U.S. News reports that the Raptor, as well as the standard F-150, comes with automatic emergency braking, a pedestrian detection system, and a forward collision system. The Raptor also comes equipped with electronic stability control as well as traction control. 

The Raptor, like the F-150, has plenty of optional smart safety features as well. U.S. News says that lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist are options on the Raptor. Furthermore, while the standard Raptor comes equipped with cruise control, Raptors can also be upgraded to have adaptive cruise control

In terms of security features, U.S. News says that the Raptor comes standard with a vehicular anti-theft system. Ford also says that there are several other security systems that are available on the Raptor. Some of these include a post-crash alert system, a passive anti-theft system, as well as an enhanced security pack. 

Overall, the Raptor and the F-150 are very similar in terms of what safety and security features they offer. In terms of standard safety and security features, they are mostly the same, for all intents and purposes.