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The Koenigsegg logo, badging, and letter at the 89th Geneva Motor Show in 2019
The Koenigsegg logo | Uli Deck/picture alliance via Getty Images

Koenigsegg (Koenigsegg Automotive AB) is a Swedish automotive manufacturer that produces and sells limited runs of high-performance sports cars, often referred to as hypercars and supercars.

Koenigsegg was founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg. He aimed to create a “world-class” sports car. Partnering with designer David Crafoord, Koenigsegg created the CC vehicle prototype. After many years in development, this led to the company’s first street-legal production model, the CC8S, of which only six were made and sold. This led to the company’s business strategy of only developing and producing a single Koenigsegg model at a time in very limited units, which has only recently been broken with the dual-projection of the current Jesko and Regera models.

So far, less than 500 Koenigsegg hypercar and supercar models have been built and sold, although the upcoming Gemera is planned for 300 units ( the largest ever for a single Koenigsegg model). This had led the brand to be highly coveted by automotive enthusiasts and collectors, in turn leading to incredibly high price tags in the millions of dollars and vehicles reserved and paid for several years in advance.

Featured Vehicle: Jesko

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All Koenigsegg Vehicles:


Gemera: An upcoming plug-in hybrid (PHEV) hypercar that seats up to four

Jesko: A mid-engine racetrack hypercar with a price tag of over $4 million

Regera: A plug-in hybrid grand tourer hypercar sold alongside the Jesko

Recently Discontinued Vehicles

Agera: A mid-engine hypercar that replaced the CCX and was succeeded by the Jesko

CCX: A mid-engine supercar that replaced the CCR and was succeeded by the Agera

CCR: A mid-engine supercar that replaced the CC8S and was succeeded by the CCX

CC8S: A mid-engine supercar that was succeeded by the CCR

One:1: A “megacar” limited version of the Agera

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