First Public Auction of a Koenigsegg Regera Hypercar – Over $200,000 in Options

Koenigsegg has built a reputation for manufacturing an incredible hypercar or two. Their cars are also very exclusive and rarely trade hands on the open market. In the case of any Koenigsegg Regera model, one has never been offered at a public auction until now. 

The Koenigsegg Regera

A head on view of a white 2019 Koenigsigg Regera.
2019 Koenigsegg Regera | Jessica Lynn Walker via RM Sotheby’s

Only 80 copies of the Koenigsegg Regera, according to the listing on RM Sotheby’s, were made between 2016 and 2020. The car was created to compete with the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren by Christian von Koenigsegg and his team. The Swedish company extensively used carbon fiber to keep weight low and then incorporated a hybrid electric twin-turbo V8 engine that pumps out 1,700 hp. So, the car has astonishing performance numbers and looks. 

Since so few numbers of the Koenigsegg Regeras are made, the exclusivity breeds higher price tags. But, people who can afford it also want to make sure that their specific version is more unique than others of the same model. So, the cars are often bespoke, meaning they are made with special options selected by the owner at the time of purchase. So, even though few copies of the hypercar exits, the bespoke options mean that each car can be unique for the right price. 

Bespoke options raise the hypercar’s price

The interior of this 2019 Koenigsigg Regera has plenty of carbon fiber.
2019 Koenigsegg Regera | Jessica Lynn Walker via RM Sotheby’s

This particular Koenigsegg Regera had plenty of bespoke options added to it when it was delivered originally. The listing explains what bespoke work was included and what price was paid just for the exclusivities. The hypercar has,

“…a bespoke interior; both exterior and interior are enriched by a magnificent bevy of optional “clear” carbon fiber finishes. Furthermore, the exterior “Speedster” graphics package is specifically finished with a healthy volume of 24 karat gold leaf detail, slung with dramatic effect across the front splitter. Chassis 175 sits upon a staggered set of Tresex pattern “Aircore” wheels which utilize Koenigsegg’s innovative hand-laid, multi-lam, pre-impregnated carbon fiber construction to provide ultimate grip and unrivaled weight savings. The Tresex pattern is a more recent structural improvement upon earlier multi-spoke Aircore wheels provided to Koenigsegg models. Overall, the accompanying scan of Chassis 175’s original window sticker illustrates over $217,000 USD of optional and bespoke equipment.”

The price of hypercar ownership

A white 2019 Koenigsigg Regara hypercar sits with its door open, and top off.
2019 Koenigsegg Regera | Jessica Lynn Walker via RM Sotheby’s

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Yes, that’s right! $217,000 just in bespoke options on this Koenigsegg Regra. So, that begs the question, If $217,000 was just the options, what was the car priced at new? The base price was just over $2 million when new. Additionally, this 2019 model that is at auction has less than 200 miles on the odometer. 

Normally, when a mass-market car is purchased, the value will drop immediately and then won’t recover for decades. Hypercars are a different animal. Depending on the specific car, the value may go up, in some cases outperforming the stock market. So, expect any bidding on this Koenigsegg Regera to be strong straight out of the gate. The auction is in Arizona on January 22nd. It will be live-streamed with limited attendance through RM Sotheby’s.