The New Koenigsegg Gemera Is Eerily Close to this Concept Car

This month, Koenigsegg seemed to come out of the blue with their release of the all-new hybrid Gemera. With the release of the Jesko tailgating in our rearview mirror, few people had any idea that Christian Von Koenigsegg would be blessing us with yet another masterpiece.

As I watched the videos and read all of the press releases, I realized that as innovative as many people thought the Gemera was, it also had a lot of striking similarities with something else: The Italdesign DaVinci. Released at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the DaVinci is a concept car with some very similar ideas – and the schematics and engineering for the DaVinci were also for sale.

Styling Similarities

If you look at the Gemera and DaVinci side-by-side, they aren’t necessarily the same car. The Gamera has the elegant and aerodynamic styling of Christian Von Koenigsegg, looks that are iconic to his car designs. The DaVinci, on the other hand, while still aggressive and aerodynamically styled, isn’t a twin to the Gemera. Aside from the slim headlights and sweeping body lines, all of which are becoming dominant traits in today’s supercar market, the cars themselves don’t look all that similar.

As a self-proclaimed Koenigsegg enthusiast, I was overwhelmed by the reveal of the Gemera, that is, until the doors opened.

The Gemera is a four-seater Gran Tourismo coupe, just like the DaVinci. Obviously not enough to convince anyone here, but that was just the start of my chase down the rabbit hole.

The Gemera and DaVinci feature one large door on each side, large enough for both the first and second-row seating to get in and out of the car without any awkward shuffling or unnecessary squeezing.

The DaVinci had gull-wing doors, which the company believed would have to be removed if the car were to go into production with a manufacturer.
The Gemera has iconic Koenigsegg dihedral synchrohelix actuation doors which have been extended to create incredibly large doors.

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Power and Drivetrain

When Italdesign debuted the DaVinci, they didn’t intend on the motor they put in the car to be the final production design. This means they never released information on power output or speed for the car. The DaVinci was designed so that it could be used with a standard combustion engine if the purchasing manufacturer decided they didn’t want the car to be electric.

A design for the future of supercars

Christian Von Koenigsegg says his ideas for the Gemera started in 2003, a few years after his son was born. He was concerned with the ability to make a car that could fit a family without tainting the supercar. While he said it wasn’t yet time for the car, the years of engineering and ideas haven’t disappointed.

Is it possible that Koenigsegg took a page out of Italdesign’s book? The new Koenigsegg Gemera and Italdesign DaVinci concept car do have some striking similarities, but these designs may just be the way of the future.

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