A Concept Car Designed for Leonardo DaVinci

Car designers often aim to follow style trends of the modern-day, lead by turn-key companies, such as Audi, to set the tone for popular looks. Concept cars, on the other hand, offer forms and features out of our wildest dreams. When it comes to concept cars, designers can focus on creating truly beautiful works of art, featuring aerodynamics and styling that can set the stage for future generations of production cars. Some companies, like Italdesign, are focused purely on concept cars.

The Italdesign DaVinci is an electric concept car unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Released in 2019, the design celebrates Italian culture and history. Named after the famous Italian artist and engineer Leonardo DaVinci himself, the concept idea was released exactly 500 years after his passing.

The DaVinci is a four-seater Gran Tourismo coupe of the future. It has the gull-wing doors of a Tesla, power of an electric motor and style of something you could only expect to see in a movie.

Design and Engineering

This car was designed with mathematical precision in honor of Leonardo DaVinci and presents exquisite aerodynamics and futuristic styling. An elongated hood features an aggressively styled front-end, matched with slim OLED headlights that may make you feel as though this concept has an attitude. The aerodynamic lines of the car follow up the hood and all the way down the trunk to meet a strikingly beautiful lense-less set of taillights that are reminiscent of the Aston Martin Vulcan’s LED rods.

The car’s interior is effortless and modern, offering all of the technology you could want without an overcrowded dashboard to distract from the car’s innovative nature. A digital gauge cluster sits nestled behind the steering wheel while an I-Pad sized infotainment system mounts at the front of the center console for easy access. Above it on the Alcantara-wrapped dashboard are backlit control buttons that are almost completely hidden.

Italdesign DaVinci Electric Concept from https://www.italdesign.it/geneva2019/

Potential for Production

Italdesign hasn’t released any information on the drivetrain, leaving us unaware of how much power the car could produce. Axel-mounted motors provide for all-wheel-drive, and Italdesign has one more trick up their sleeve. This concept car was designed with future production in mind. Quietly awaiting purchase by a car manufacturer, the DaVinci has a shot of actually becoming a car you can drive on the streets. No information of any deals or potential buyers has been released since the car’s debut at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s out of the question.

Designed to be an electric car, the Italdesign also left the opportunity open for manufacturers to fit a standard combustion engine, but unless the design gets purchased we may never know.

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